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Freed From Spiritualism

March 31, 2010

On the streets today we were giving out large, boxed Easter  eggs to the street people. Didn’t meet many, as the police have had a crackdown (no pun intended) on begging and street gatherings by the addicts.

An African pastor we know directed us to a guy in an alleyway whom we regularly visit. While chatting to him, I got into conversation with a woman who dropped by. I asked: “are you a spiritual person?” She replied: “yes, I am very spiritual!” I asked if she was going to heaven and she said she was. I asked on what basis and she said “I try to do my best”. I asked what the pass mark was for heaven and she didn’t know. When I told her 100% she was amazed so I explained why and that Jesus had already got it for us. She went on to tell how she went to the church in xyz street. I knew this to be a Spiritualist church. I told her this was contacting the dead and the Bible expressly forbids this. She was genuinely suprised, since “they sing hymns” and when I told her God hated spiritualism, she was genuinely contrite. She then explained how strange things had been happening at home and I told her this was the work of demonic spirits encountered through spiritualism. One lady team member with me testified to her own experience of involvement with spiritualism in the past and having been set free by Jesus.

I then asked if she was willing to pray to Jesus to ask his forgivness for getting involved with Spiritualism and she said “definitely!” I then led her in a prayer in which she acknowledged her sin against God in doing this and asking for Jesus’ forgiveness. She repeated the words with genuine enthusiasm which was a joy to witness. She was very open and honest in her dealings with the Lord and I was humbled by her ready repentance for what she had been doing. She mentioned she had several health issues so I asked if she’d like me to pray for her healing. She said “yes, please!”

Her shoulders were currently causing problems so she agreed I could lay my hands on her for healing. She quickly unzipped her anorak and bared her shoulders for me. I explained the basis of healing in Jesus name and she seemed readily to understand. After prayer for healing I also felt prompted to pray over her in tongues. Afterwards she said she felt different.

I gave her a gospel tract plus a New Testament. She knew about the gospels, which I urged her to read. If she came under any further spiritual attack, I told her to command them to go in the name of Jesus. I explained that all power in heaven and earth had been given to Jesus, so all other powers had to obey Him.

I suggested she visit a local Baptist church nearby. She had been there last week, so I told her to go again and tell the pastor about what had happened today.

Healing And Witnessing

March 26, 2010

I prayed for a Christian lady today who was suffering pain and disability in her back, leg etc. After the first prayer time she noticed little difference. After a second prayer time she felt the pain lessen and movement was freer. Praise God from whom all blessings flow…!

A recovering addict noticed I had an Evangecube on the table (see previous entry for Evangecube with Youtube video showing it being used). He picked it up and was looking at it with interest. I asked if he would like me to demonstrate it. He agreed, so I took him through a fairly full gospel presentation, detailing sin, heaven and hell, etc. He readily agreed he was a lying thief!

courtroom I also used the analogy of the guy in court being convicted for a crime he had committed. The judge pronounced sentence: 5 years jail or a fine of £5,000. The man said he couldn’t pay, so jail seemed inevitable. The judge then came down from the bench, took out his chequebook and wrote out a cheque for £5,000 and gave it to the court officials. The man then walked free, as justice had been satisfied. The judge had paid the price for the man’s offence. My guy seemed to see the relevance of this in spiritual terms. I also gave him a tract “How To Get To Heaven”. He said he would read it later.

On the way home on the bus I left a “How To Get To Heaven” tract near the front of the bus, where everyone getting off would see it. The cartoon picture makes it attractive, so it would soon go.

New Evangelism Method

March 24, 2010

I think this one speaks for itself!

new evangelism method

Outreach At Our City Stall

March 24, 2010

Had some good conversations at our stall in the city centre today.

The first lady had a rucksack on her back and was looking for a good breakfast place to eat. On her way to a course on the use of plants, I showed her the sign on the Victorian building opposite which said: “The Earth is the Lord’s and the fulness thereof”, to which she said “how appropriate.” She took our leaflet. the earth is the Lord's

Another lady took an Easter Bible verse and read it out in a way that suggested she knew it. She said she wasn’t a Christian, but her Gran had taken her to church as a child. She took issue with God’s love, on the reasonable basis that God didn’t stop an 8 year old boy sexually abusing her 6 year old daughter.

Before I went out this morning, I came across a Hindu tract and felt I should take it. Sure enough, in due course I met a Hindu lady, a local GP, and she graciously accepted it from me. I also told her that Luke’s Gospel in the Bible was written by a medical doctor.

An old lady stopped to chat and told me she has suffered multiple illnesses for many years, but the local hospital had been negligent in treating her, so she had recently written to complain. She said she was “a spiritual person”. I talked about Jesus who healed people and offered to pray for the pain she was suffering. She agreed, so I spoke to the pain in Jesus name and commanded it to go. I asked how she was and she said “no change”. I offered to pray again but she said “no”. We chatted again for a while and I again offered to pray for her whole body, for peace within herself. She eventually agreed, so I prayed again. I asked how she felt and she said: “I feel lighter”. I also offered to give her a hug and a kiss. She said “people I know might see it!”. She relented and I hugged and kissed her. She seemed to go away very happy!

I met a young addict who was with an older alcoholic I knew from the streets. I offered him an Easter Bible verse and he said: “that’s appropriate for me”.

A couple of Indian guys walked past so I offered them both the tract “The Missing Peace”, which both accepted.

A Muslim lady took “The Missing Peace” to look at, but handed it back when she saw it was Christian.

I had a decent conversation with another Muslim guy who stopped. He knew of Jesus, of course, and I explained how Christianity is different from Islam. He needs 51% righeousness to get to Paradise, or he ends up in Hell – and he agreed that is so. I explained how Jesus is our righteousness and He got 100% – which passes to us as His followers. So we have a confidence about Heaven that he never has in his uncertainty.

Three young students were sitting nearby, so I gave each a “Missing Peace”.

The last guy I spoke to was a Buddhist from Tibet. He had come here via India and was teaching locally on Tibetan things. We chatted a bit about Buddhism. I took his leaflet and in return gave him the “Missing Peace”.

In the course of three and a half hours we also gave out over 100 “Challenge” Christian newspapers, full of many Christian articles and testimonies.

All in all, a good day on the street meeting people of all types and backgrounds and sowing seeds.

The Contacts Of Jesus

March 20, 2010

Jesus never said, “Invite them to church therefore and make disciples of all nations…” He said, “Go.” In fact, he really said, “As you go…” as you go

Jesus set the example. Out of 132 contacts that Jesus had with people recorded in the New Testament, 6 were in the temple, 4 were in the synagogue, and 122 were out in the mainstream of life. (Adapted from Why Christians Sin, by J.K Johnson, Discovery House, 1992)

Churches are great places for discipleship and community, but not the best place for evangelism.


Using All Means That Some Might Be Saved

March 19, 2010

First guy I spoke to today was a really, really nice guy! He really was; I warmed to him very quickly. On spiritual things he had decided that “God was peace and love” but wouldn’t be drawn any further. He felt religion was a problem area he didn’t wish to be a part of. So I respected his viewpoint and wondered where we could go from there?

near death experience He then noticed I had a book I had put on the table about Near Death Experiences (NDEs). I showed it to him and said: “would you like it?”  He said: “near death experiences? – oh yeah!”  I gladly gave it to him, since it was written from a Christian viewpoint.

Then I chatted to a lady who  had just come out of a domestic violence situation. She left with literally only the clothes she was wearing.  She didn’t even have a tin opener, so we made sure all the food in tins we gave her had ring pulls. She had no money whatsoever, so I gave her all I had on me – a pound coin. She was delighted and said: “now I can buy a loaf of bread!”

She said she was a Catholic, “a lapsed Catholic – I haven’t been to Mass since last Easter”. She noticed I had an Evangecube on the table and asked “What’s that?” I showed her how it works and took her through the gospel message using it.

We asked if she had a Bible. She said: “no, not at the moment.” We offered her a Bible or a New Testament, but she found the text of both too small. I happened to have taken in a Gospel of John today. I showed her that and she found its larger text quite readable, so she took it away.

As it was raining when I came out, I got the bus home. On the way I decided to leave an “Are You A Good Person?” tract on the seat when I left. Someone will certainly pick it up and read it, since it’s an appealing tract. Plus, most passengers will think they are good people anyway, and we all like to pat ourselves on the back !

The Disappearing Gospel

March 14, 2010

Came across this today on another blog. It makes a good point – in just over 2 minutes:

A Change Of Mind

March 13, 2010

On Wednesday I saw a handicapped guy I’d witnessed to last Wednesday. Last week he was very offhand and disinterested about what I had to say about Jesus. I’d also offered to pray for his leg problem – he’s in constant pain – but he refused. This week I gave him a tract, “God’s Rescue Plan”. He looked at it for a minute or so, put it in his pocket and said: “I’ll have a read of this later”. change of mind

I learned later that he’d tried to kill himself last weekend! The lives of the street addicts never cease to amaze me. They lead such crazy, wild lives, going from highs to lows and back again on a regular basis.

More Conversations

March 12, 2010

Had several chats with people on Christianity today.

Chattted with an Atheist but, not surprisingly, he didn’t make much sense. He refused to consider a God, instead referring to “nature” doing this and “nature” causing that. I challenged him to show me a building in town that didn’t have a designer (as per WOTM Atheist Test booklet- which I gave him to take away) and he didn’t answer me.

Another guygideon's bible I shared the gospel with told me it fitted in with what a lady minister had said to him. I offered him a New Testament and he took it away.    I suggested he look at the gospels and read about what Jesus said and did.

A support worker who came in with an addict told me she had an open mind on spiritual things. She confided she had been a drug addict herself in the past and had a couple of near death experiences (NDEs). She hadn’t any visions or suchlike to report on those, for good or bad.  I gave her my card and she said she’d check out my website. I told her there were many stories on there of people who had become Christians.