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Joint Healing – A Leg Each!

April 28, 2010

On the streets today we met a guy with a walking stick.  man with walking stick I asked him what the trouble was and it turned out he had a swollen left leg and his other knee and leg were causing problems too. He lifted his trouser legs and showed us them and they didn’t look too good. He was actually on his way to the hospital for treatment. We offered prayer and he said “OK”. Two of us took a leg each and went to work on this guy. After a minute or so speaking to the pain and disability, I asked “how is it now?” He reckoned that he had 20%  improvement. I offered further prayer, which he agreed to.

After the second go he said “to be absolutely honest, there’s no further improvement”. I told him that healing can continue after prayer. I emphasised that we had no healing abilities ourselves and that Jesus was the healer. I suggested he thank Jesus for what he had received. He said “thank you Jesus”, looking up heavenwards and crossing himself. I suggested he carry on thanking Jesus as he went on his way.

Earlier we had come across an old man who had fallen over an obstacle on the pavement and grazed his head. We helped him up and told him we were Christians and would like to pray for him, that there would be no lasting damage from the fall. He agreed, so we did and off he went.

Healing Update

April 24, 2010

Just remembered………..yesterday on the way into town I met a guy (a non-Christian) I’d prayed for some time ago. image of a man

At that time he’d had leg mobility problems and I prayed for the leg. Each time I had prayed he had got more and more mobility, as I could see for myself each time he lifted the leg.

When I asked him yesterday for an update  he did a little jig and said “look at me!”

He’s now got an eyesight problem in his left eye, so at my suggestion he took off his glasses and I laid hands on his eye. I did this a couple of times. After the first time he said “no change” and after the second he said “it’s getting there”, but not very convincingly, so time will tell.

Out Of Rehab After Losing A Baby

April 23, 2010

rehab is for quitters The lady I met today came out of drug rehab a week ago. Sadly, while in rehab she lost her baby while only 3 months pregnant. This was her second lost baby in 6 months. Before she left we offered to pray for her. She was worried she might get too emotional, but said OK. As it turned out, it was one of the ladies on the team who ended up crying and our visitor was really touched. Our lady said: “God feels your pain, that’s why I’m crying”.  She went away saying “you folk are really something!”

A Chat With A Drinker

April 21, 2010

Today I had a long chat with a (pretty sober) street drinker about the gospel. I used my trusty Evangecube again (his girl said excitedly: “look it’s that thing!” ) as she has seen me using it with others before.  photo of the evangecube gospel sharing tool

He acknowledged he was a siner but said he had done lots of bad things and spent time in prison. I told him Jesus can forgive them all. He seemed to understand why Jesus came and how He is our 100% for Heaven, having led a sinless life and died in our place. He came up with objections around God not stopping suffering, in relation to his father’s death and others. I did my best to explain that if God intervened in one area of our lives it would then to have to be ALL areas of our lives, making us robots. He seems to accept that true love has to allow the object of their love free will, not to interfere and compel certain actions.

A bit of a frustrating conversation, since he seemed in some respects so near to the Kingdom……. and yet so far away!

attack on the twin towers in New York I reminded him the Bible says “today is the day of salvation” and that tomorrow may not come, citing the case of the people in the Twin Towers on 9/11. Not one of them had any inkling as they went to work that day that their time had come.

I gave him a sheet summarising the gospel and which invites him to write down sins he wants to be forgiven for. I said “the Top 10 would do, or even the Top 1 – what ‘s important is starting the process of moving towards God”. I confirmed he had access to a modern NT translation.

Time will tell.

Hugging a Drug-Taking Prostitute With AIDS

April 9, 2010

image of a woman Today Jesus gave me the great honour and privilege of meeting Lisa, a tattooed drug-taking prostitute newly diagnosed with AIDS. Not only that, I found myself weeping after praying for her. She seemed really touched at the sight of a guy in this state! I then gave her some hugs which she really appreciated; I told her these hugs were from Jesus. I shared some of my own testimony and she listened, quite enthralled.

She was brought up by atheist parents and her childhood was one of “no rules, no boundaries” She could do what she wanted, whenever. No wonder she lives a life out of control! She was over the moon when I gave her the booklet “The Atheist Test” by Ray Comfort.

The good news is: she has met a born-again Christian at the B&B where she is living. This lady gave her a picture of Jesus, which she now has above her bed. She plans to go to a large church tomorrow and light a candle. I shared the gospel with her and she heard it readily. I explained about the need for forgiveness of sin, how Jesus took our sins when he died, and how we can receive forgivness because of what Jesus has done. I suggested she might like to list the sins she would like forgiveness f0r, then once Jesus has forgiven them she can set light to it, since Jesus will have forgotten them then anyway.

Gideon New Testament with Psalms I also gave her a Gideon New Testament and she said: “my favourite is Psalm 13”. (I read this again myself tonight, and can understand why she likes it.)

I felt this was a real God encounter and look forward to seeing her again next week. No wonder Jesus loved the prostitutes and they loved Him – I think I have started to see why now!

A Drinker and The Gospel

April 7, 2010

Met a drinker on the streets today, aged around 30, who told me he’s been eleven times to a drying-out clinic but has relapsed every time. He’s currently drinking around 12 pints a day.

He seemed really fed up with his situation, so I took out my Evangecube and used it to share the gospel with him. Everything I told him seemed to connect with him; and when I asked him about what I had said he seemed to understand the content. I then gave him a sheet summarising the gospel and with a blank section below where he could list his sins, as they come to him. I explained the meaning of repentance and how it involved a change of direction for his life. Instead of doing it “my way” it meant doing it “God’s way” for the future, so there was a cost involved. I shared a little of my own testimony; how God can change things in our lives that we can’t change in our own strength.

a whisper in the ear I told him that he might hear a little voice saying in his ear: “don’t listen to this, it won’t work”. He replied: “you’re right – that’s exactly what I’m hearing!”

I prayed for him there and then, that he might walk in God’s ways for the future. He asked if he could have the Evangecube, as he was really taken with it. I said: “sorry!”, but I gave him a Missing Peace booklet to take away. He said he’d like to see me next week. I explained we won’t be back on the streets for a fortnight, so he said he’d look out for me then.