A Drinker and The Gospel

Met a drinker on the streets today, aged around 30, who told me he’s been eleven times to a drying-out clinic but has relapsed every time. He’s currently drinking around 12 pints a day.

He seemed really fed up with his situation, so I took out my Evangecube and used it to share the gospel with him. Everything I told him seemed to connect with him; and when I asked him about what I had said he seemed to understand the content. I then gave him a sheet summarising the gospel and with a blank section below where he could list his sins, as they come to him. I explained the meaning of repentance and how it involved a change of direction for his life. Instead of doing it “my way” it meant doing it “God’s way” for the future, so there was a cost involved. I shared a little of my own testimony; how God can change things in our lives that we can’t change in our own strength.

a whisper in the ear I told him that he might hear a little voice saying in his ear: “don’t listen to this, it won’t work”. He replied: “you’re right – that’s exactly what I’m hearing!”

I prayed for him there and then, that he might walk in God’s ways for the future. He asked if he could have the Evangecube, as he was really taken with it. I said: “sorry!”, but I gave him a Missing Peace booklet to take away. He said he’d like to see me next week. I explained we won’t be back on the streets for a fortnight, so he said he’d look out for me then.

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