Gospel Encouragement

Was due to meet today a girl I gave a New Testament to last week. She said she would read it and would meet meet me in a week’s time to talk about it. As she is an addict, I wasn’t surprised when she didn’t turn up today!

On the other hand, I met today a guy I hadn’t seen for a couple of months. Also an addict, he reminded me I had given him a New Testament when we last met. He had been reading it every night and told me he had only a few pages to go to finish it!  Even more amazingly, he said that whenever he reads it he gets calm (he normally suffers from agressive feelings). He said that even his partner had remarked on how amazingly different he was in terms of his emotions towards her when  he read it.   The Bible

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

He asked if I could give him a Bible. I gave him one and wrote a dedication to him in the front. I suggested that after he finished the New Testament he read the Psalms. I turned down the pages where Psalms began and also marked in the index at the front the page number, so he could find it easily any time. I explained who had written most of the Psalms, what they largely covered, and he agreed he could identify with that.

A good day on the streets today!

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