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Ex-Prisoner Talks About Grandad and Church

February 27, 2011

An ex-prisoner came in on Friday for some food. In the course of conversation, he told me his Granddad used to go to church. He loved his Grandad. It was after Granddad died, he told me, he went off the rails, mixed with the wrong crowd and ended up on drugs, and subsequently, prison.

When I told him we had a church next door, he asked if he could come along one evening. Since the Alpha course is well advanced, we suggested the next Sunday morning service. He agreed that would come along, so hope he turned up, as it’s not my home church! in prison

Healing Offer Rejected

February 18, 2011

back pain sufferer A woman support worker came in for food for a client. I noticed she was leaning on a crutch and when I offered her a seat she refused, saying, “I’m better standing up”. She told me she had an accident at work some 4 years ago, but the doctors couldn’t do anthing more for her and she was sufferng back pain 24/7. Her left leg was also affected and she was gradually losing mobility in that leg.

I asked if she had any faith but she replied that so many bad thngs had happened in her life she wasn’t a believer. She told me she had lost 4 children. The only person she relied upon, she said, was herself. She agreed when I said you identify with the Frank Sinatra song “I Did it My Way”.

I told her I was happy to pray for her even although she didn’t believe herself. She was adamant that she didn’t want to be prayed for. How sad!

Afterwards I felt rather rejected, so I reminded myself that it wasn’t me she had rejected.

What The World Calls Trash – Jesus Calls Treasure

February 7, 2011

Used The Evangecube Again

February 2, 2011

A guy who frequently pops in came in on Friday for something to eat and drink. He noticed my EVANGECUBE on the table and said “that looks like a Rubik cube”.   picture of an evangecube

I said: “No, it’s something similar, would you like to see it?” He agreed, so I took him through a Gospel message using the various scenes on the Evangecube (see Youtube for it being demonstrated).  He’s an ex-soldier who often has a few marks on his face from a bit of fighting. Last week he told me he was arrested by the police for nothing, simply standing up for his rights in a local betting shop. He fought back so they knocked him about a bit in the scuffle that followed.

He wasn’t particularly impressed by the gospel message I gave him, but at least he’s now heard the basics.