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Healing On The Streets Today

May 21, 2011

healing on the streets logo Was out on the streets with our Healing On The Streets Team today for around three hours. Had a great time!

Prayed with a heroin addict who had attended a Christian school when younger. Told him the story of the Prodigal Son. When we ministered to him he received a high from “The Most High”. Second time I’ve seen that happen recently to a drug addict.

One elderly lady suffered from bad knees, so we spoke to them. She stood up to try them out and said:”no pain”. Others received the lovely presence and peace of the Lord as we prayed for them.

Christian Websites and Evangelism

May 19, 2011

Just been reading a pdf file on Web Evangelism which says that 99% of Christian websites are aimed at Christians and only 1% are designed to evangelise the lost.

Check out the tongue in cheek British website The Bishop where you can watch cartoons, see some lovely Flash movies and even confess anonymously online – if that’s your bag!

Holy Spirit At Work

May 7, 2011

A lady came on for food today, out of work and suffering from cancer and other ailments. It turned out she was a Christian and our team leader offered to pray for her back, which has troubled her for around 20 years.

She prayed for healing for her back, then I prayed for the pains in her legs. As usual, I spoke to the pain and commanded it to go. As I held her hand a few moments later, I felt the Holy Spirit coming in power through me. Afterwards she said ” I feel strange”, then before she left said: “I’m really glad I came in here today!”