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Evangelism at a Local Agricultural Show

June 20, 2011

photo of tractor Spent Saturday and Sunday at a local agricultural show in the Christian Tent chatting to visitors and trying to share the gospel.

Had several good spiritual conversations and was able to share my testimony a few times.

Met one Roman Catholic lady who rarely attended church anymore. The previous day she had been visited by the church out of the blue, and one of the visitors had come from her father’s old village in Ireland. After our chat she felt that God had his hand upon her and these events were connected. As we chatted, I felt the Lord’s love for this lady and I shared this with her. It touched her deeply.

Also met a youngish married couple. Not believers, but happy to talk about spiritual things. Both admitted they’d like to believe, but so far had not done so. I gave both my testimony and he continued to ask many questions about faith, other religions, evolution and Richard Dawkins. He admitted he feared the death of his parents and his own death, although no-one was currently ill. She went off to do some shopping, but he said he’d like to stay and chat, so we carried on for another 5 minutes. He wanted proof before he believed, but I told him that’s not the way faith worked. I suggested he take a New Testament and put God to the test: read the four gospels and ask God to reveal himself to you. He took the NT, thanked me for the chat and off he went.

Another man felt he was at a crossroads in life and was happy to talk about spiritual crossroadsthings, so I explained briefly what faith was all about for a Christian. His wife was suffering depression but refusing to go to the doctor for medication. She was physically abusing him and he was suffering the violence in silence. I offered to pray for him, but he declined. I gave him my card and invited him to contact me if he felt the need at any time. A genuine conversation with a thinking, but troubled, man.

A Welsh couple who were church attenders but had not yet met Jesus. She hankered after the church of her youth, more from nostalgia than anything else it seemed. I shared my testimony and the wife was interested to hear what had happened to me. I tried to make clear how my “after” was different to my “before”. She didn’t quite seem to understand how the born again process worked. I and ended up giving her a booklet “What Is A Real Christian?”

One man was litter picking on the site and came in a couple of times for a break. He had an RC background, but no longer went to church. Divorced, his mother-in-law was a born again Christian and treated him very well in the aftermath of the divorce. He professed no faith, but was happy to take a “Dying To Meet You” booklet.