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The Preacher Was Undone

July 28, 2011

Last Saturday we did Healing On The Streets. Some 50 yards from us another group of Christians started preaching the gospel. One guy was really loud, and kept looking over to our team as he preached about sin and repentance. I eventually went over to them and saw that the loud preacher’s trouser zip was completely undone. I went up and told him this. Quick as a flash he retorted: “you shouldn’t be looking at me; you should be looking at Jesus!” bible preacher on the street

One of their team,as he arrived, came past us. We chatted and he asked me to listen to him speaking in tongues and tell him if I thought it was genuine. I asked for his testimony, and how he came by it. He told me it was at Colin Urquart’s church, where a woman prayed for him. I listened to his tongue and it sounded OK to me. I reminded him of Jesus’ words: “if you, who are evil, know how to give good things to your children, how much more will your heavenly father give good things/the holy spirit to those who ask him.”

He seemed reassured and went off to join his team of evangelists.

Death Of Street Drinker I Ministered To Recently

July 15, 2011

A few months ago (April 21st see blog post)I prayed for a street drinker who had neck pain and he received some healing at the time. We had a discussion about Christian things and I also left him with a gospel tract.

Today I heard from a local guy that he had died following a stroke. death will get you sober

Did he read the tract I gave him. Did he respond? Only God knows.

Burned Face Healed

July 11, 2011

This is an example of a delayed testimony; and a reminder to not lose heart if nothing gets reported at the time!

A couple of weeks ago myself and another Christian spent a few days sharing the gospel in a Christian tent at a Counties Show event in England.

On the Saturday, one of the team doing the refreshments had his face painted as a tiger, and it was really impressive! face painted as a tiger

That night he went to his daughter’s house and washed the face painting off.

Only afterwards, when his face started to burn, did he find out that his daughter had just used a really powerful household cleaner on the sink. Clearly, vestiges of the cleaner remained, and it was this that burned his face.

The next morning when we saw him, his face was really red and still very painful. We commanded healing to the face and for the pain to go.

Today, I just heard from my Christian friend that he met the guy last Sunday. His face was completely healed and he said: “Oh, by the way, that time you two prayed for me I felt my face suddenly become really cool and the burning stopped. I meant to tell you. As you can see it’s completely back to normal!”

Thank you Jesus for your wonderful healing power!

Alcoholic Dad Wants To Be Free

July 8, 2011

the IRA in Northern ireland A guy came in for food and we got chatting. He grew up a Catholic on The Falls Road, Belfast. No longer a practicing Catholic, he had drink problems he wanted to conquer and wanted to make his young son proud of his dad. We talked about churchgoing and got on to Jesus. I gave him my testimony and he said he could relate to some of the things I said about how I had wanted to change my life. He insisted he wanted to sort out his demons before considering Jesus. I told him emphatically that was NOT the right way. The way it works is to bring his problems to Jesus and Jesus will change him from the inside out. Sadly, he wasn’t convinced.

He thanked me for the chat and I asked if he had a Bible. He said no, so I offered him a New Testament and suggested he read it and as he read, he talk with Jesus about his problems.

I told him we would be here the same day next week, so come in for a chat and a coffee.

Sharing The Gospel With Two Old Guys

July 7, 2011

two old men chatting Went around town today looking for opportunities for evangelism. As it was raining, I took shelter in an old church tower now used as a tourist venue. One volunteer helper was happy to chat so I shared the gospel with him. He had been to Sunday School as a child, and believed in God, but that was it. He politely listened and asked a few questions. Gave him my website card too.

Outside the local Regimental Museum an elderly man was cleaning the surrounding railings. We chatted about local things and then got on to the Gospel. He was a nominal believer in God, and thought good deeds were all that was needed. Chatted about Jesus and what he did for us. I asked if he was in pain and he said “yes”. He was suffering from cancer and his stomach and thigh area were painful. He agreed I could lay hands on him and I commanded the pain to go. Just as he said it felt better, he was called away, so that was that.

Alien Abductions and Other Interesting Stories

July 7, 2011

I was abducted by aliens Last Friday a guy came in for food. While he waited for it, I tried to engage him in some kind of spiritual conversation. Next thing, his partner said: “He reckons he was abducted by aliens and they planted a microchip in him!” We then got on to truth and he said “No, I don’t tell lies”. Next thing, our supervisor came in, queried his voucher, and – what do you know?? – it turns out he had doctored his voucher and added two more people to what was a voucher for one. So much for not telling lies!

A young lad came in afterwards, spotted my Evangecube on the table and picked it up. I told hm it tells a story and asked did he want to see it in action? He did, so I took him through the gospel. Afterwards, I offered him a Luke’s gospel and he agreed to take it away and look at it.