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Prayed For Eye Problem

February 27, 2012

A Christian man I know well came to see me today. He explained he had a problem with the vision in one of his eyes and asked me to pray for him. We spent some time with Jesus and afterwards he said he noticed an improvement in his vision. Thank You Lord! photo of an eye

I said: “come back again if you need a top-up”

Prayed For A Back

February 24, 2012

suffering from back pain  One of the volunteers on our Friday team came in complaining of a painful back. She had been suffering for a couple of weeks and she was still taking heavy painkillers for it. I offered to pray for her back and she was happy to agree.

I asked our supervisor to join me and the lady stood while we laid hands on her back. We took authority over the back components and the pain  in Jesus’ name and stayed with it for a couple of minutes. Eventually I felt power coming through my hand and it subsided after a little while. Afterwards she said she had felt my hand trembling, her back now felt warm, and it seemed to have more movement. She had dosed up with painkillers before coming in so couldn’t accurately gauge the level of healing present.

Every time I offer to minister healing I get more confident that the Lord is going to show up. He is so compassionate and faithful to His word!

Following The Lord’s Leading – To The Library

February 23, 2012

Before going out on the streets today, I asked the Lord if he wanted to give me any guidance about where to go. I thought I heard a faint “library”, but wasn’t totally sure whether it was Him or my wishful thinking (sorry, I’m a frail man!). I met up with the other 3 in the team and we split into two groups. C and I went off in one direction and I shared with her about “library” She too felt that direction was the right one, so off we went.  On the way we met a couple of street people we knew. We offered to pray for healing for one guy who was in pain and suffering bleeding from his groin area, but he persisted in refusing our offer, and our suggestion he go to the local hospital.

picture of a library   We eventually got to the library, where we met a woman outside smoking a cigarette. I said to her: “are you  waiting for someone or just out here having a smoke?” She said: “just having a smoke.” We walked in to the library, and someone called my name. I turned round and recognised a Christian man I know very well. To cut a long story short, we agreed he’d come to see  me on Monday for prayer for healing. After he left, I noticed C was sitting on a sofa with the woman we’d met at the entrance. I joined them and the woman shared her story with us. She was a recovering drug addict who had lost custody of her children, ‘tho’ fortunately her mother had them. She was in the night shelter, but looking for a more permanent place. We shared Jesus with her but she said she had too much going on in her head to deal with that. We both shared testimonies with her about the Lord’s love and how wonderful Jesus was. In the end she asked: “so how do I meet up with Jesus?” I explained how, gave her a tract and she said she would pray that evening. I wrote out a sample prayer to Jesus for her to pray, explaining it would only work if she meant it, since Jesus knew our hearts. She looked it over and took it. I pray she acts on it!

Knee Healing Today

February 18, 2012

Today I went on the streets with our Healing On The Streets (HOTS) team. Not many people stopped by so  it was a bit of a struggle, although we gave out several hundred leaflets about what we do.

One of the team ladies asked for prayer as she was suffering from painful knees. I told her I had seen Jesus heal another lady’s painful knees about 6 weeks ago and she had maintained her healing ( I see her every week). The team lady asked me to go ahead so I  placed my hands on her knees and spoke to the knees in Jesus name. After about 30 seconds I could feel the Holy Spirit’s power on me. I also knew from the lady’s reaction that something was happening to her. As I finished she confirmed there was no pain and so I asked her to move around and test her knees out. She confirmed that all was well. We thanked Jesus for His faithfulness and praised Him because all glory for this belonged to Him.

I also had two evangelistic conversations with Atheists I met on the street. One told me he had previously been a born again Christian and had preached and done evangelism. He also told me he even once shared a platform with Billy Graham! Sadly he had now rejected it all and I was amazed how anti-Christian he now was. The other Atheist was a young guy who asked a few questions and was agreeable to take away a leaflet I gave him giving scientific evidence for design in the universe.  our universe

Healing Offer Rejected

February 9, 2012

On the streets today we met a 34 year old guy who walks round the country with his dog. He spent his childhood in care until the age of 14, when he walked out and has been walking ever since. It took him 3 weeks to walk to our city from South Devon. He normally covers 25 miles a day. As a result one of his knees is wearing out, bone rubbing on bone. We offered to pray for healing but he stubbornly refused it. He said God would do it when he needed it. We pointed out that God had already led us to this part of town and we were ready to do God’s will in offering him healing. Nothing we said could make him reconsider. He was short of a decent sleeping bag,  so as there was a sale on in Blacks the camping shop, we went off there to get him one. We picked up a good one, reduced from £39.99 to £15. When I took it to the cash desk to pay, the guy behind the counter smiled and said “that will be £2.50 please”. God is good!  photo of a hobo

We took the sleeping bag to our friend and he received it gladly. He told us he had made a commitment to Jesus in prison many years ago and then had spoken in tongues. I asked if he still used tongues. He said he hadn’t tried. We blessed him and off we went.

While we had a coffee indoors in the market, the group on the table next to us saw our badges and asked what we did. We explained what we did and had a good conversation, passing them a couple of tracts in the process.