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Down At The Docks

March 10, 2012

Before going out on our “Sharing Jesus” day this week, I got the words “Church at the Docks” while I was praying. When we met up, another one of the team had got the word “Docks”, so we knew where we needed to go!  church and docks photo

We met an unemployed guy sitting in the Docks area there who was keen to work. We gave him some advice about where to go for help. We also gave him a few bits of Christian literature, including a £Million note with the gospel message on it.

We visited the Church in the Docks and were encouraged to see there’s a new minister there. He seems to be very evangelistically minded and we prayed for him and his ministry while we were in the (empty) church. Saw a newsletter of his later detailing activities planned there.

Help For A New Christian

March 7, 2012

I had an e-mail recently from a new Christian in an African country. He asked for a Bible in his language – Kalenjin.

I managed to get one in the UK and sent it off to him today. This is a photo of the start of Luke’s gospel in Kalenjin photo of the start of Luke's gospel in Kalenjin language