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In The Food Bank

September 29, 2012

Very busy at Food Bank this Friday. Clearly, the recession is beginning to bite and people are struggling more.  Most clients are waiting for benefits to come through. Had fun chatting to a support worker with a client, while they waited for her food. Ended up giving both ladies a kiss on the hand as they left. They were very amused by it!  food bank helping others

Had a long chat with a guy on probation. He clearly regretted his fall from grace, although he didn’t explain what it was, and I didn’t press him. Gave him my card and suggested he look at my website in the local library, as he can’t afford internet access any more.  He clearly enjoyed our chat, so I invited him to pop in again, for a cup of tea, any Friday afternoon. He said he would like to do that.

A couple of the ladies prayed for a Polish guy who was in for food, and who suffers from alcohol addiction. He was clearly quite touched when they prayed, and took a few tissues to dry his eyes afterwards. They also invited him to church on Sunday morning.

Back After My Holiday At The Seaside

September 22, 2012

at the seaside playing on the sand   Went out with our Healing On The Streets group today. I didn’t personally have a chance to pray with anyone, but had an interesting conversation with a woman called Daisy who I’m sure I’ve met before. She described herself as a “Shaman” and a Buddhist.A Shaman is defined at as “a person who acts as intermediary between the natural and supernatural worlds, using magic to cure illness, foretell the future, control spiritual forces, etc”.

She was interested in what we were doing and said to me “we’re all on the same path”. I disagreed and quoted Jesus, who said: “I am The Way, The Truth and The Life. No-one comes to the Father except by me”. She didn’t agree with that of course and went on to talk about seeing things in the spirit. She said she had read the Bible, had cried reading the New Testament  and went on to quote some of Jesus sayings word perfect!  Lord, open her eyes to Yourself!

Abortion Considered

September 7, 2012

A guy came in for food and we chatted. It transpired he was a lapsed Catholic. His current girlfriend was pregnant and they were considering an abortion. He and she were thinking of all sorts of reasons to justify going ahead with it, but something in him sensed it was wrong. I tried to counsel him against it, but who knows what they will decide? He suggested that God might overlook an abortion, and make allowances. I told him that was not what God was like.  pregnant woman being examined

We discussed faith and the passmark for heaven and he was surprised by my “100%” answer.  As he left I gave him the “Journey Into Life” booklet by Norman Warren

Latest Encounters

September 1, 2012

An update on recent events on the street and elsewhere.

pain of gout in the foot A guy sat down and we prayed for gout in his foot. While we were praying he said:”are you Christians?” We said we were and he then told us how, whenever he goes near a church, he shakes and trembles all over and cannot physically go any further. Clearly something strange here. I asked about his parents and background. before he could get very far with his story he saw his wife approaching and announced:”I’ve got to go now!” As we were praying for the gout he said: “I’m not just saying this, but it feels very warm”

A woman came in for food and I recognised her face. She said: “you gave me a  Million Pound Note and I’ve got it up on my wall” image of a million pound note  She told us she had suffered a minor stroke the other day after taking some drugs. Her left ear was fairly deaf as a result, so we offered to pray for her. My team supervisor shared the gospel with her brlefly first of all. She agreed to prayer, so the two of us prayed and laid hands on her and commanded the ear to hear. We did this twice and each time she said “it’s no different”. Having felt the power of the Spirit the first time I prayed I was a bit perplexed. She didn’t want to have any more, so she went off with her food.