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Near Death Experience

October 27, 2012

man going through a tunnel towards a bright light

J came in today and, while we were chatting, he told me how some 40+ years ago he had died, then gone through a tunnel towards a white light. As he came to the end of the tunnel he stopped and came to, back in his body.  He is a lovely man.

God’s Heart For The Poor

October 27, 2012

A support worker came in for food for a family. She mentioned they  had “absolutely nothing – only the clothes they are wearing”.  god loves the least of people

In addition to three days’ worth of food, we were able to give her 4 matching mugs, 4 plates and a tin opener. Must get some more cutlery!

How Do You Become A Christian?

October 26, 2012

Chatted with a guy who came in for food. He described himself as a Christian, but didn’t go to church. I shared some of my story, and how I ended back in church after becoming “born again”. He had heard the term, but wasn’t sure what it meant. I gave him an explanation of why Jesus died and what it means for us. I told him that there is a large treasure chest on a shelf in Heaven with his name on it, gathering dust. Jesus had paid the price for his sins, but he had to receive it for himself. image of a treasure chest

I offered him a £1 coin and got him to take it, as an illustration of how we need to grab hold of what Jesus did for ourselves. He seemed to understand that was how the “born again” process worked. I gave him a copy of  the booklet “Journey Into Life” plus a copy of my card with my website and e-mail contact details and invited him to contact me any time.

Afterwards a guy from Estonia came in for food just before we closed. He thought there was “something up there”, but not sure what it was. I checked out the word for goodbye in Estonian on my Google Translate app and said it to him as he left.

What Is The Pass Mark For Heaven?

October 21, 2012

Met a guy in town while we were doing Healing On The Streets. He was happy to chat and told me he had been a Christian all his life. He went to his local Church of England church, and mentioned the vicar was a friend of his. image of stairs leading up to heaven

I asked him if he knew what the pass mark for Heaven was. He admitted he wasn’t sure. I told him it was 100%. Neither he nor I could ever get 100% on our good deeds, so we needed to rely on Jesus. He was the only one who ever got 100%, so unless

we trusted in his qualifying score, we were headed for the “Other Place”. He seemed surprised, so I suggested he ask his vicar friend “what is the pass mark for heaven?” If the vicar didn’t know, or gave some other explanation, I suggested he needs to question things.

The previous day a family came in for food : Mum, Dad and Grandma . Their child was in hospital with kidney problems, so we offered to pray. After we prayed, Grandma mentioned she was a Spiritualist. Was her spiritual influence affecting the health of her family – who knows?

A couple of youngsters also came in for food. One was only 17, the other 23, but he had been fending for himself since he was 15 and left home. Both had marks like burn marks on their wrist and forearms. I asked the girl about them and she said “you just rub your skin and it eventually goes like that.” I said it sounded like self-harm. She said: “no, I’m just bored”. I later  found out she’d lost a baby, but as she was on her way out, there was no time to ask about it.

A woman from Lithuania came in and, although she spoke English quite well, I had a hard time understanding her accent. I got out my phone and used the “Google Translate” app to ask her some questions in her native language.  As she left I said “goodbye” in Lithuanian – “sudie” – and she smiled.

Two Interesting Encounters

October 11, 2012

Went with my wife to do some financial transactions the other day. The lady adviser turned out to be a Christian from a local church. She originated from Nigeria and shared how she had been evangelising there in the past amongst Muslims and seen Jesus make blind eyes see and people get up out of wheelchairs!

Afterwards she thanked me for encouraging her. The feeling was mutual!

picture of a Hare Krishna devotee  in saffron robes Today I encountered a Hare Krishna devotee while we were out sharing Jesus on the streets. He was a lovely young guy, very sincere in his faith and wanting others to discover “God and his love” He believed in Heaven, but not Hell, and saw Karma and reincarnation as the only form of judgment in the Universe. His main “Bible” was the Baghavad Gita and Jesus nowhere figured in his world view. Sadly, he wasn’t interested in Christian salvation, but determined to stick to his chosen path – Hare Krishna.

Jesus Appeared To 5 year Old Boy Dying Of Leukaemia

October 6, 2012

Just remembered this. While doing Healing On The Streets some time back I met a man who was visiting our town for the day.  He told me his amazing testimony, as follows.

As a 5 year old boy in hospital, severely ill with leukaemia, one day he saw a man at his bedside with “a white sheet round him”. This man told him he would recover from his illness and that his name was Jesus. His recovery started the next day, and  he was soon out of hospital. His mother couldn’t accept that Jesus had appeared to him and pooh-poohed it. Shortly afterwards he was out with his mother, saw a church and told his mother he wanted to go there. His mother reluctantly took him, he met the priest in the church and later started attending Sunday School.   leukaemia poster