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God said “Make Me Your Rock”

November 30, 2012

photo of a food store   We provided food parcels for 40 people today, so very hectic! One lady said she had been before and said “you prayed for me”. I then remembered how one of our ladies gave her a word from the Lord, namely: “make me your rock”. She said things had improved since she saw us. She still wasn’t linked up with any church so we gave her some suggestions.

As I was chatting to some other clients, one asked if I was a vicar. I said no, but I enjoyed telling others about the Kingdom of God. I shared two of Jesus’ parables: “the treasure in a field” and “the pearl of great price” to illustrate how valuable God’s Kingdom is and how important it was to seek after it. I also shared some of my testimony how I became a Christian.   pearl in a man's hand

Healing On The Streets

November 24, 2012

We arrived in town and put down the equipment outside a bar while the car was parked. The bar owner was standing in the doorway and I had a chat which led on to spiritual matters. Turns out his brother was a vicar, but half of what I told him about the spiritual realm his brother “had never told him”.

Once we got set up, the street became cold and rainy, but we persevered. After praying for one team member, I sat in a chair and had hands laid on me. The presence of the Lord came upon me and I knew the reality of the verse: “the joy of the Lord is my strength”. Jesus is so good!   badge with words the joy of the lord is my strength

Latterly, one lady arrived who some of us had prayed for last time. She thanked us most profusely for praying and went to explain how everything in her life had changed after we prayed. Her whole wellbeing, even her finances had been turned around (amazing!) and she wanted to say thank you! She agreed to be filmed on video, so we got her to repeat her thanks for the camera.

Soon afterwards a younger woman turned up and asked what we were doing. After I explained, she said she had had a powerful spiritual encounter many years ago. From her description, it sounded as if it might have been of spiritualist origin, but she was a bit hazy about it, as it happened a long while ago. I explained who we were, and what we did and why. She liked the sound of it, so agreed to sit for prayer. Two of us prayed for her, and she sat rock still for about 10 minutes without any movment. Finally, she came to and said how peaceful and calm she felt, and was very thankful for it, as she was stressed out about a house move. She too agreed to be filmed about her experience.    video film image

Jesus said “that’s where I am”

November 23, 2012

The other day as I was reading the Bible or praying (can’t remember which) about the needy, marginalised and rejected, I felt the Lord say: “that’s where I am”.

photo of an old man The next day, as we were finishing our AGM, a guy came in out of the rain. He had lots of problems, medical and otherwise, and kept wanting to talk. We listened for a long time, gave him cups of coffee and food, and prayed with him. We also gave him a sleeping bag, hat and gloves. We shared the gospel, although he found it hard to take in. At one point he drew back his shirt to show us a large tattoo of Jesus over his heart. We gave him a tract to take away as we all left.

Father Christmas – Come Early!

November 19, 2012

This week two ladies from a local insurance company came in and gave us a gift of around 70 or 80 Cadbury’s Selection Boxes!  We were really grateful for these, so we can give them to families with children in December.  Cadbury's Selection Box

They wanted a photo for company PR, so they took one of myself and the manager alongside the pile of boxes. Naturally we were smiling broadly, thinking about all the happy children that would get one – and probably not much else – for Christmas.

Stolen Wallet And No Crisis Loan

November 9, 2012

Had a long chat with a married guy with three teenagers at home. He’s lost or had his wallet stolen, so was in temporary crisis. Both he and his wife are incapacitated with poor health and he was rather embarrassed to have needed our help.

salvation army logo  It turned out he was raised Salvation Army, but had lapsed and wasn’t sure what he believed. His wife had been raised in Egypt as a Coptic Christian, but wasn’t a believer any more either. I gave him my website card if he wanted to check it out. We gave him  7 carrier bags full of food, too much for him to carry home. Our supervisor said she’d drop it off at his house after we closed. As he left to go I pressed a few pounds into his hand. He didn’t want to take it, but I told him I’d brought it with me for this very purpose. He then got very emotional, fighting back the tears.  I told hm to come back again when he needed more food.

Presence of God Come Down

November 8, 2012

After our time on the streets today we went to lunchtime communion at an Anglican church. As usual, after I had taken the bread and wine and sat down, the Holy Spirit came upon me and touched me in a real way. This normally happens when I go there for lunchtime communion. It’s wonderful to feel the presence of God in His House. I’m not even an Anglican!   holy spirit descending in the form of a dove

Earlier while on the streets, I offered a guy working for a sports complex a tract and my website card in exchange for one of his leaflets, but he adamantly refused, although (probably because!) I explained what it was about. We met some female photography students doing a project and were able to direct them to local places. A woman having a break from work accepted one of our “Why Jesus?” booklets. Near the end we met an Iranian man who is an asylum seeker and who attends a local Baptist church. We prayed for him on the street corner, that his case might be approved.  I mentioned the name “Omid Djalili”. He knew of him – and laughed. He’s an Iranian comedian in the UK.

My First Prostitute

November 6, 2012

Having looked back over some of my older posts, I decided to re-post the entry detailing my first encounter with a prostitute. Not your average encounter, I dare say. Unfortunately, I never met up with her again.  Here goes……..

Hugging a Drug-Taking Prostitute With AIDS

April 9, 2010

image of a woman Today Jesus gave me the great honour and privilege of meeting Lisa, a tattooed drug-taking prostitute newly diagnosed with AIDS. Not only that, I found myself weeping after praying for her. She seemed really touched at the sight of a guy in this state! I then gave her some hugs which she really appreciated; I told her these hugs were from Jesus. I shared some of my own testimony and she listened, quite enthralled.

She was brought up by atheist parents and her childhood was one of “no rules, no boundaries” She could do what she wanted, whenever. No wonder she lives a life out of control! She was over the moon when I gave her the booklet “The Atheist Test” by Ray Comfort.

The good news is: she has met a born-again Christian at the B&B where she is living. This lady gave her a picture of Jesus, which she now has above her bed. She plans to go to a large church tomorrow and light a candle. I shared the gospel with her and she heard it readily. I explained about the need for forgiveness of sin, how Jesus took our sins when he died, and how we can receive forgivness because of what Jesus has done. I suggested she might like to list the sins she would like forgiveness f0r, then once Jesus has forgiven them she can set light to it, since Jesus will have forgotten them then anyway.

Gideon New Testament with Psalms I also gave her a Gideon New Testament and she said: “my favourite is Psalm 13″. (I read this again myself tonight, and can understand why she likes it.)

I felt this was a real God encounter and look forward to seeing her again next week. No wonder Jesus loved the prostitutes and they loved Him – I think I have started to see why now!