Stolen Wallet And No Crisis Loan

Had a long chat with a married guy with three teenagers at home. He’s lost or had his wallet stolen, so was in temporary crisis. Both he and his wife are incapacitated with poor health and he was rather embarrassed to have needed our help.

salvation army logo  It turned out he was raised Salvation Army, but had lapsed and wasn’t sure what he believed. His wife had been raised in Egypt as a Coptic Christian, but wasn’t a believer any more either. I gave him my website card if he wanted to check it out. We gave him  7 carrier bags full of food, too much for him to carry home. Our supervisor said she’d drop it off at his house after we closed. As he left to go I pressed a few pounds into his hand. He didn’t want to take it, but I told him I’d brought it with me for this very purpose. He then got very emotional, fighting back the tears.  I told hm to come back again when he needed more food.

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