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Feeding The Hungry At Christmas

December 22, 2012

Yesterday was my last day in before Christmas and we were inundated with food donations coming in and clients taking it away.  For three hours we were constantly busy. The downside was that we didn’t have much time to chat to clients.

I noticed one woman pick up a gospel tract and place it in her handbag. She also started to read our framed poems on the walls, such as “Footprints”. I engaged her in conversation and sussed out that she had issues in her life. I suggested she might like prayer when we were quiet and she said “yes”. Unfortunately, we never were quiet and she left with her partner taking her food but without any prayer. Hope she comes back again when we’re quiet, after Christmas. We don’t have any separate room to take people for prayer as our premises are so small. Must discuss this with the manager sometime soon.

black glove photo  Another client was a guy who shook hands with his left hand as his right, in a black glove, was evidently useless. He told me he’d had 13 operations on it so far, and he still had practically no use of it. I offered to pray for healing and he agreed, ‘tho’ admitting he didn’t believe in God. I said that’s OK. I laid hands on him for a while, then another team member joined me and prayed too. I told the guy to test his hand out, doing something he couldn’t normally do. He did, but said “no change”. He said he felt heat when I laid hands on him. I said to him I had often prayed for people where no change seemed to happen at the time. Later, when I saw them again, some reported that healing had occurred. I explained that God’s healing power can carry on working after the event, so thank God for what he’s doing.

Lunch With The Street Folk

December 19, 2012

We had the street people in for their Christmas lunch today. As expected it was pretty noisy, but most were pretty well behaved. We all sang lots of Carols and afterwards they dutifully lined up for their Christmas Hamper. These were carrier bags stuffed with food, clothes, toiletries and Christmas goodies to eat. They also had a gospel message given to them by one of our team.   old man giving thumbs up

Latterly I ended up praying for a young Christian lady who has suffered from a long term illness for 10 years. She also had back pain and after we prayed and laid hands on her, she felt an easing of her pain in the back.

70 Homeless/Drug Addicts/Street Drinkers Coming To Our Christmas Meal

December 15, 2012

On Wednesday this week we’ll be giving our annual Christmas lunch and individual Christmas hampers to 7o homeless/drug addicts/street drinkers. We’ll have carols too, but the solos from the floor (and sometimes from the mic) are always the highlight, as you can imagine! old man with beer can

It’s always pretty chaotic, but they love it and appreciate what we do. God bless them – every one! Each year a few  are missing because they’ve died of their addiction, gone back to prison or, in one case, been found floating in the canal. New folk have since arrived, so will take their place. We always give a short gospel message or testimony to make the folk think. It might be the last gospel message they hear this side of the grave.

“God Doesn’t Like Me!”

December 14, 2012

I overheard a woman saying “God doesn’t like me!” as she waited for food. All the bad stuff that had happened to her she blamed on God. Her friend replied: “but what about free will?”. I joined in the conversation and agreed with the friend. This led on to us discussing “will everyone go to heaven?” and “what’s the pass mark for heaven?” I explained why Jesus came, how he was the “scapegoat” who took the rap for our sins, and why we need to be born again. By the end of the conversation she seemed to understand the basics of why we need Jesus. As she left, her friend said to me:”I’ll chat to her some more about this!”

During our 3 hour period of duty one guy came in with a wad of £10 notes saying: “instead of sending Christmas cards this year I’m giving you guys the money instead”. That’s another reason why I like working as a volunteer here!  photo of wad of ten pound notes

As it’s December, all clients get an extra Christmas bag of goodies to take away with their normal 3 days worth of food in their carrier bags.

Does God Heal Today?

December 8, 2012

MARKET STALL PHOTO  We had a Christmas outreach market stall on Saturday.  During my time there I prayed for a homeless guy, a non-Christian. He recognised (without any pressure from me) that he had bad things going on in his life and was agreeable to give them to Jesus. I told him to imagine Jesus standing there in front of him, with his (Jesus’) arms open to receive his bad stuff. I asked my guy to hold out his arms and give it to Jesus. He did. We prayed and afterwards he said how much better he felt, having passed these things on. Amazing, really! I love the street guys and women – they’re very WYSIWYG.

Later, a rather timid Christian lady we know came to see us. The last time I saw her was around 2 months ago, when I prayed for her in a church about problems she had with her heels, causing her pain and making walking difficult. I’d had no feedback afterwards, until today when she said: “after you prayed for me that time I got healed, and I’ve been fine ever since” Isn’t Jesus wonderful?

A couple of stalls away from ours, was a stand run by a guy who managed a large out of town venue with snooker and a large hall for shows, etc. I noticed he had a poster displayed for a psychic medium show. I chatted to him about spiritualism photo of medium with crystal balland the spirits behind it all. I gave him a full explanation and he clearly had no idea what was involved. He was quite taken aback when I told him about the demonic spirits involved in it. I gave him and the woman with him (the venue owner’s wife) my website card and invited them to contact me. I could then direct them to detailed warnings from people who had been involved in it and got out of it, but not without a struggle!