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Please Send Me Healing Training Course CDs!

February 28, 2013

Had an e-mail request via one of my websites for the 4 CDs containing the Elijah Challenge healing training course. The great thing about this course is that it explains that ANY born-again Christian can heal others. At the end of the training you also see other believers stepping forward to do the practical and lay hands on others, on the course they’ve just done.

For 20+years as a Christian I believed that to heal others you needed a “healing gift”. Since none had dropped out of  the sky into my lap, I realised that I didn’t have such a gift. Only through doing the Elijah Challenge training course online did I realise that ALL true disciples of Jesus could heal. This page sets out a brief summary of the rationale for this:   elijah challenge image

Since the course is non-copyright, I used the free program CDBurnerXP to create the data discs and told the recipient that he could freely copy the training course to give out to others, as that’s what he said he planned to do. The Elijah Challenge website is here:  As their website says, “The time of the superstar “one-man-show” evangelist is fading and the time of the nameless disciple is at hand”.

It’s great to be able to encourage others who are trying to emulate Jesus and the disciples, and wanting others to do the same!

This British website has lots of helpful resources on healing:

Another really good resources for hints and tips and testimonies of healing is:

I’d Like To Be A Christian!

February 22, 2013

Woman who came in for food today was telling me about her life. She had been abused as a child and from the age of 12 she had done what she felt like, with no rules or boundaries.  a brand new life

As you can imagine, she was fed up and said she wanted to change her life. I told her our Food Bank was run by Christians. She said “I’d like to be a Christian”. I gave her my website card and invited her to have a look at it.

More people came in after this and sadly, I didn’t have the chance to give her a tract or a gospel. Lord, speak to her and draw her to yourself, despite my frailty!

Healing On The Streets Today With Mark Marx

February 16, 2013

Mark Marx, founder of Healing On The Streets, joined us today in our town centre as we ministered healing and freedom to the captives.   photo of Mark Marx

One lady he ministered to had a spirit cast out of her life. I got chatting to another woman about God’s love and presence. She then told me she was a Spiritualist. I gave her my card and invited her to contact me, as I knew a Scottish lady called Laura Maxwell who had been a Spiritualist and had an amazing story to tell. The woman said she’d get in touch with me, so hope she does.

An old Welsh lady stopped and asked for prayer. Her husband had died 9 months previously and she was missing him. She told us she had been a Pentecostalist in the past. She also told us she had a large box at home     photo of General William Boothwhich showed that General Wm Booth, founder of the Salvation Army was a member of her family tree!  After a chat the old woman said, quite out of the blue, “I want to give my heart to Jesus!” From what she had previously said, I’m sure she had before. Nevertheless, I wasn’t going to put her off! I said:”do you want to pray in your own words, or do you want to follow me?” She chose the latter, so I slowly led her in a prayer of repentance and surrender to Jesus. It was lovely!

Just before we finished on the street for the day, a guy in his late 20’s/early 30’s came over for prayer. We asked what he wanted prayer for. He replied: “it’s an illness, but I don’t want to say anything about it”. We offered our best prayers up to a loving God who doesn’t condemn or judge us on the way.  We spoke life and health and healing to his blood, bones, organs, muscles, tendons and sinews in Jesus’ name. The guy semeed to appreciate it and as he left said he was feeling a bit better. I encouraged him to thank Jesus as he went, for what He was doing in his body.

After our time on the streets we went back to a local church for lunch, a time of worship and a talk from Mark Marx. As we worshipped, the Holy Spirit came upon me powerfully and I felt that Jesus was pouring into me a double portion of  what I had given out on the streets earlier. What a wonderful God! The day ended with a time of in-church ministry where several folk received healings. One lady’s left leg grew out several inches as I was watching above the leg as it took place. I took photos of the leg “before” and “after”. These are they: (click photos for larger version)

legs before prayer

legs after prayer

Do You Believe In Eternal Judgement?

February 15, 2013

Had a chat with a guy in for food today. We had a long discussion about God, the Bible, Christians, the Big Bang and other religions, plus lots more besides!

He kept going round the houses and admitted his mind constantly thinks about things, and they go round and round in his head. Eventually  I managed to pin him down to the fact that he reckoned there must be a Judgment at the end of this  photo of page from Luke's gospellife. I said to him: “in that case, you need to know the rules for the basis of judgement. Before you die you need to make peace with the Judge so that you get forgiven this side of the grave, since there’s no chance once you’re dead”. He could see I was serious about this; in fact I told him I was saying these things with tears in my eyes.  I said Jesus was the Judge. I also gave him a Luke’s Gospel, plus a copy of  “Journey Into Life” by Norman Warren. He promised he’d read both of them.

Satanist Was Serving The Coffee In Church Today!

February 3, 2013

dancing with the devil book   The book I promised the Satanist I met Friday last – “From Witchcraft to Christ”, plus another one “Dancing With The Devil”  – arrived by post this week.  He’d given me his address, but also said he was going to ………………Church on Sundays.

I decided to go along to ………………. Church today,  and who should offer me a coffee as I walked in the door? Yes, my Satanist friend was serving the coffee! I gave him the books, had a brief chat and sat down.  coffee in church

After the sevice we had another chat. He was due to start ……………….. church’s Alpha Course this week. He told me he was really ill that day and couldn’t make it. Sounds like the enemy didn’t want him to go, so put the pressure on. In general chat, he was aggrieved that the local Christian City Mission had stopped him trying to talk to one of their female teenage volunteers. He wouldn’t accept my explanation of their supervisory role in her welfare. Lots of street guys will try to home in on our young lady volunteers, sometimes trying to follow them home. But my Satanist friend has suffered from years of rejection, so to him it’s just another one in the face, sadly. He described the City Mission’s actions in Jesus’ words as “a kingdom divided cannot stand”. I hadn’t the heart to tell him that he was still in another kingdom, as I didn’t want to add to his feelings of rejection. No doubt the church he’s going to will make that clear. The minister is devoted to outreach, so won’t be slow in explaining his true position, I’m sure.

I commended the books to him, so hope he reads them.

Four Ex-Prisoners Came In For Food Today

February 1, 2013

We had a succession of clients in for food today who’d all just been released from prison in the past few days. Problem is, they come out having been given around £50 and have to get on with it. One guy was clearly “out of it” on drink, as he took a while to make it through the door!  One young guy, who was no more than 23, said he’s just done his SIXTH prison sentence.  man holding prison bars

One of the ex-cons was a woman, who I recognised as being in before. She recognised me too. She has a drink problem and inevitably ends up fighting and getting arrested. When she’s sober, she’s a lovely girl, like today.  She plans to move to an area outside town, to get away from “the wrong people”. I told her about a church plant in the district she’s going to, and said how friendly they were. She took the phone number, so I hope she goes along. She doesn’t have any church background whatever, so I hope she goes!

An older woman came in with one of her children. She was a single mum, with five kids altogether. Her partner of 16 years had been shown the door after getting another woman pregnant. The client said this was the last straw, as he’d had 12 affairs with other women in their 16 years together.