Transgender Person in Difficult Circumstances

I noticed the woman in the leather jacket had many horizontal scars on both arms where she had cut herself with a blade. She had lost both her parents in a car crash when she was 7 years old and was then brought up in an orphanage. She became a Christian 16 years ago, never regretted it and subsequently married a Christian man. She showed me the inside of both wrists that had Bible verses tattooed on them. One was from Isaiah, the other from the Book of Acts. She told me God had never left her. When she was homeless on the streets of Bristol for 6 months He had looked after her and she never suffered any harm.

When she told her husband she was transgendering to a male he freaked out and started abusing her. As a result, she ended up in hospital.   transgender

She told me she wanted to find a church. Some churches she had been to had struggled to relate to her situation and she had become discouraged.

Suddenly I was overcome with compassion and was fighting back the tears as I absorbed her story. I instinctively gave her a hug and she clung on to me for a long time. She said no-one apart from her husband had hugged her for over 2 years.

She said she had legally changed her name (to a man’s name) recently, but church people didn’t want to use the new name.

I suggested a local church which I thought would accept him and his new name in a loving and compassionate way. We looked up the phone  number of the pastor, whom I knew, and I suggested he phone him and explain his situation and ask about church services. He said he would.



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One Comment on “Transgender Person in Difficult Circumstances”

  1. Robert Myatt Says:

    Well Brian,
    It’s nice to be nice but she must repent and turn, no sexually immoral or theive or drunkard , adulterer man who sleeps with man will enter the kingdom of God. We can lead her back to a sound mind, nobody is born gay it’s mental health. So in the same context if a bank robber comes up to you and says, I’m a robber and it’s what I do, but I want to enter the kingdom of God. It’s laughable, I also do think Sodom and Gomorrah was set on fire with sulphur from heaven because of this stuff, so it’s a even major sin.
    So nice to have compassion but if the bank robber or gay person don’t turn and repent / change it’s the same fate.

    God bless you Brian.

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