She Was Headed For The ‘Body, Mind and Spirit’ Event

When we arrived in town we noticed a sign advertising a ‘Body, Mind and Spirit’ event nearby. alternative spirituality image

A woman saw our healing banner, so stopped and asked: ‘are you with the Body,Mind and Spirit event? I replied: ‘no,it’s better than that!’ That seemed to throw her off balance, so she asked me to explain.

I told her we were Christians from different churches and were offering healing in the name of Jesus. I advised her to reconsider going in to the other event, since there were different spirits at work there – that were NOT of God. Satan (The Devil) offered lots of appealing attractions, but ultimately they just appealed to mankind’s lusts and idolatry and so led people away from the true God and a loving eternity in Heaven.

We talked about how you get to Heaven. She maintained she was basically a good person and therefore God would accept her on that basis. She was rather taken aback when I told her that the Bible says that God regards our best deeds as equating to a woman’s filthy menstrual cloth. She explained she had been brought up a Roman Catholic and believed that gave her an assurance.

I told her from my own experience how we get ‘born again’ – by surrendering our lives to Jesus in repentance and faith. Sadly, she wasn’t interested to talk further and headed off to the ‘Body, Mind and Spirit’ event.


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One Comment on “She Was Headed For The ‘Body, Mind and Spirit’ Event”

  1. Robert Myatt Says:

    Amen, Jesus words cut like a double edged sword at all times to the religion man made Pharisees.

    Jesus is all you need, His yoke is easy and his burden is light.
    You can’t earn it.
    Receive what he did on the cross for you while we were still sinners and couldn’t help ourselves.
    History is repeating itself with many churches. Stay free in the lord.
    Think about it. Jesus was always freeing us from control and religion. Is yoke is easy, let’s not get choked again.
    All Jesus did was say follow me
    You don’t need to go to bible college to pass a man interpreted exam for salvation. Read the bible and live in the spirit and truth , pray at all times.
    Don’t ever let God’s love be mixed up with academics. I will be used by God more than the academic because of faith alone.
    Get yourself to a true Christ balanced church.
    Amazing Grace.👍🙏❤️🥊

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