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The One Big Question For The Atheist To Consider Honestly

December 11, 2014

atheism by c s lewisAll text for this post is in the embedded image.


Does Atheism Offer You A Good Deal?

July 1, 2013

Ludwig Wittgenstein, the German philosopher said: “The meaning of the world will not be found within the world”. This short video by Professor John Lennox of Oxford University will warm your heart if you are open to the benefits of a Christian faith. It also highlights the difficulties of atheism in relation to such things as justice and mercy.

Knee Healing Today

February 18, 2012

Today I went on the streets with our Healing On The Streets (HOTS) team. Not many people stopped by so  it was a bit of a struggle, although we gave out several hundred leaflets about what we do.

One of the team ladies asked for prayer as she was suffering from painful knees. I told her I had seen Jesus heal another lady’s painful knees about 6 weeks ago and she had maintained her healing ( I see her every week). The team lady asked me to go ahead so I  placed my hands on her knees and spoke to the knees in Jesus name. After about 30 seconds I could feel the Holy Spirit’s power on me. I also knew from the lady’s reaction that something was happening to her. As I finished she confirmed there was no pain and so I asked her to move around and test her knees out. She confirmed that all was well. We thanked Jesus for His faithfulness and praised Him because all glory for this belonged to Him.

I also had two evangelistic conversations with Atheists I met on the street. One told me he had previously been a born again Christian and had preached and done evangelism. He also told me he even once shared a platform with Billy Graham! Sadly he had now rejected it all and I was amazed how anti-Christian he now was. The other Atheist was a young guy who asked a few questions and was agreeable to take away a leaflet I gave him giving scientific evidence for design in the universe.  our universe

Hugging a Drug-Taking Prostitute With AIDS

April 9, 2010

image of a woman Today Jesus gave me the great honour and privilege of meeting Lisa, a tattooed drug-taking prostitute newly diagnosed with AIDS. Not only that, I found myself weeping after praying for her. She seemed really touched at the sight of a guy in this state! I then gave her some hugs which she really appreciated; I told her these hugs were from Jesus. I shared some of my own testimony and she listened, quite enthralled.

She was brought up by atheist parents and her childhood was one of “no rules, no boundaries” She could do what she wanted, whenever. No wonder she lives a life out of control! She was over the moon when I gave her the booklet “The Atheist Test” by Ray Comfort.

The good news is: she has met a born-again Christian at the B&B where she is living. This lady gave her a picture of Jesus, which she now has above her bed. She plans to go to a large church tomorrow and light a candle. I shared the gospel with her and she heard it readily. I explained about the need for forgiveness of sin, how Jesus took our sins when he died, and how we can receive forgivness because of what Jesus has done. I suggested she might like to list the sins she would like forgiveness f0r, then once Jesus has forgiven them she can set light to it, since Jesus will have forgotten them then anyway.

Gideon New Testament with Psalms I also gave her a Gideon New Testament and she said: “my favourite is Psalm 13”. (I read this again myself tonight, and can understand why she likes it.)

I felt this was a real God encounter and look forward to seeing her again next week. No wonder Jesus loved the prostitutes and they loved Him – I think I have started to see why now!

More Conversations

March 12, 2010

Had several chats with people on Christianity today.

Chattted with an Atheist but, not surprisingly, he didn’t make much sense. He refused to consider a God, instead referring to “nature” doing this and “nature” causing that. I challenged him to show me a building in town that didn’t have a designer (as per WOTM Atheist Test booklet- which I gave him to take away) and he didn’t answer me.

Another guygideon's bible I shared the gospel with told me it fitted in with what a lady minister had said to him. I offered him a New Testament and he took it away.    I suggested he look at the gospels and read about what Jesus said and did.

A support worker who came in with an addict told me she had an open mind on spiritual things. She confided she had been a drug addict herself in the past and had a couple of near death experiences (NDEs). She hadn’t any visions or suchlike to report on those, for good or bad.  I gave her my card and she said she’d check out my website. I told her there were many stories on there of people who had become Christians.

Does God Believe In Atheists?

February 25, 2010

I came across an excellent cartoon today and it reminded me of the excellent book “Does God Believe In Atheists?” by John Blanchard: atheists handing out tracts door-to-door