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Knee Healing Today

February 18, 2012

Today I went on the streets with our Healing On The Streets (HOTS) team. Not many people stopped by so  it was a bit of a struggle, although we gave out several hundred leaflets about what we do.

One of the team ladies asked for prayer as she was suffering from painful knees. I told her I had seen Jesus heal another lady’s painful knees about 6 weeks ago and she had maintained her healing ( I see her every week). The team lady asked me to go ahead so I  placed my hands on her knees and spoke to the knees in Jesus name. After about 30 seconds I could feel the Holy Spirit’s power on me. I also knew from the lady’s reaction that something was happening to her. As I finished she confirmed there was no pain and so I asked her to move around and test her knees out. She confirmed that all was well. We thanked Jesus for His faithfulness and praised Him because all glory for this belonged to Him.

I also had two evangelistic conversations with Atheists I met on the street. One told me he had previously been a born again Christian and had preached and done evangelism. He also told me he even once shared a platform with Billy Graham! Sadly he had now rejected it all and I was amazed how anti-Christian he now was. The other Atheist was a young guy who asked a few questions and was agreeable to take away a leaflet I gave him giving scientific evidence for design in the universe.  our universe