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There Is Power In The Name Of Jesus

September 25, 2015

image of painful knee  I heard the woman mention that her left knee had been operated on, but still caused her problems; significant pain and limited mobility. Her pain level on a scale 0 to 10, 10 being worst, was currently 8. I offered healing prayer and she accepted. After laying hands on the knee and commanding prayer in Jesus name she reported the pain had gone, except for a small niggle. Jesus dealt with that and she then confirmed she was not only pain free, but that her previous limited knee mobility was now vastly improved. I got her to walk up and down to fully test out the knee. I told her that I wasn’t the healer, but that Jesus was – he had  done it.

Amazingly, she then went on to disclose that strange things were happening in the house she had recently moved into. Items were moving about of their own accord, and her doorbell rang persistently at 3 o’clock that morning, but no-one was there. Her dogs were getting spooked and unhappy about something. A shadowy figure had also been seen, who looked like the previous occupant.

Without wishing to scare her too much, I suggested that she should approach a local clergyman in her district with a view to getting this dealt with. As well as healing the sick I told her that Jesus has power over all spirits and they have to obey when told to go. As she left I gave her a Christian tract called “No Satisfaction”. She looked at the front cover and said: “yes, that’s me!”. I glanced through another copy of the tract after she left and saw the words: “Jesus can set you free” Having experienced his healing power I pray she experiences the further freedom from the spirit affecting her house.

image of a manLater, a guy came in and he shared that he had drifted away from Christianity many years ago, despite previously being an ardent Christian. He had done some things he regretted and wanted to get back into Church, but didn’t know where to go. I suggested a particular church, but he was hesitant. I gave him my contact card and invited him to get in touch if he wanted to meet up and help to take things further.

Healing On The Streets Today With Mark Marx

February 16, 2013

Mark Marx, founder of Healing On The Streets, joined us today in our town centre as we ministered healing and freedom to the captives.   photo of Mark Marx

One lady he ministered to had a spirit cast out of her life. I got chatting to another woman about God’s love and presence. She then told me she was a Spiritualist. I gave her my card and invited her to contact me, as I knew a Scottish lady called Laura Maxwell who had been a Spiritualist and had an amazing story to tell. The woman said she’d get in touch with me, so hope she does.

An old Welsh lady stopped and asked for prayer. Her husband had died 9 months previously and she was missing him. She told us she had been a Pentecostalist in the past. She also told us she had a large box at home     photo of General William Boothwhich showed that General Wm Booth, founder of the Salvation Army was a member of her family tree!  After a chat the old woman said, quite out of the blue, “I want to give my heart to Jesus!” From what she had previously said, I’m sure she had before. Nevertheless, I wasn’t going to put her off! I said:”do you want to pray in your own words, or do you want to follow me?” She chose the latter, so I slowly led her in a prayer of repentance and surrender to Jesus. It was lovely!

Just before we finished on the street for the day, a guy in his late 20’s/early 30’s came over for prayer. We asked what he wanted prayer for. He replied: “it’s an illness, but I don’t want to say anything about it”. We offered our best prayers up to a loving God who doesn’t condemn or judge us on the way.  We spoke life and health and healing to his blood, bones, organs, muscles, tendons and sinews in Jesus’ name. The guy semeed to appreciate it and as he left said he was feeling a bit better. I encouraged him to thank Jesus as he went, for what He was doing in his body.

After our time on the streets we went back to a local church for lunch, a time of worship and a talk from Mark Marx. As we worshipped, the Holy Spirit came upon me powerfully and I felt that Jesus was pouring into me a double portion of  what I had given out on the streets earlier. What a wonderful God! The day ended with a time of in-church ministry where several folk received healings. One lady’s left leg grew out several inches as I was watching above the leg as it took place. I took photos of the leg “before” and “after”. These are they: (click photos for larger version)

legs before prayer

legs after prayer

Cry For Help On The Streets

October 27, 2010

cry for help

On the streets today a guy I meet regularly shared new facts from his past. He showed me the tattooed pentagram on his arm and explained that when he was young he used to be involved in satanism and blood sacrifices. At the time, he thought it would impress the girls! It also got him unto heroin use.

He had some Roman Catholic background as a child and is worried that when he dies the church will not bury him when they see the tattoo. He is also experiencing things moving about in his flat and is getting scared.

I told him to meet me in the same place next week at the same time. I would bring along a prayer of renunciation for him to read out loud every day. I told him God knows the heart and that this would only work if he was serious about it. He assured me he was. He is suffering from a major chest infection and I prayed for his healing too.

Afterwards, he selected a “God’s Promise” a wrapped, single, sealed, Bible verse. It was the verse “I lift my eyes to the hills where help comes from the Lord.” and he was excited at how apt it was for him  As I read it, I then became emotional and got choked up. It ended up with HIM giving ME a hug!

Holy Spirit At Work On The Streets

May 5, 2010

dove hovering

As we witnessed to one guy his partner came along and started abusing him, disrupting the whole atmosphere engendered by our witnessing. I had shared the gospel with him a few weeks previously and he had seemed quite open to hear what I had to say. After the “domestic” incident, he admitted he found it difficult to control his temper. I told him that the Holy Spirit, given by God, enables us to do this. We ended by praying for him before we left.

We walked up to a couple of folk doing street stuff. One was a student from a local school doing a survey. I did the survey then challenged him on the gospel, giving him something to take away. The other guy was selling some kind of beauty treatment for women. I also gave him a tract.

Another guy we prayed for was suffering from epilepsy. He said the doctors told him it was due to his drinking since the age of 12. He’s now around 50. Two of the team discerned a spirit at work. We commanded it to go and as we did one of the team saw it – a snake with a large head.

We also prayed for a woman, a Big Issue seller, fleeing domestic violence.  cover of the Big Issue magazine One of the team discerned a back problem with a spirit behind it. We spoke to it and commanded it to go in Jesus’ name.