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Sharing The Gospel Again

November 11, 2013

one man praying for another   Chatted with a guy who was thrown out by his mother at age 15. He’s now around 30, and by his own admission he has “done some bad stuff”. I sensed he wanted to change, so I shared the story of Adam and Eve in Genesis and what it means for us. After sharing different aspects of the gospel, I offered to pray for him. He agreed, so I put my arm round him and prayed. Afterwards he looked puzzled and I could see something had happened.  I asked him what was up. He said “what’s that I’m feeling ?”  I said: “that’s the presence of God confirming that what I’ve told you is true”.  He was quite taken aback!

I told him about a true story on video I watched last night about a career criminal called Davey Falcus. His father was a bank robber and Davey started carrying a gun at 17. He eventually controlled a drugs and club empire in North East England. One day when it all got too much, he got on his knees and met with Jesus and his life turned completely around.  My friend said he’d like to see the video, so I’m arranging that. In the meantime I gave him a tract to take away: “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction”.

This is the video: