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Email Today On Healing

May 28, 2012

Received the following e-mail today:
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“I’ve had 2 major abdominal surgeries back to back. Started May 11th 2012 ended May 13th Mother’s day. Discharged from the hospital on May 19th. On May the 22nd I believed I was a goner. My health had turned for the worst. I remember lying in bed and the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said “Pray over yourself Lay hands on yourself for healing” I obeyed and I must say the next morning I felt alive again not weak and feeble I started praying for a Higher Calling of God. I came across your website that has really great information. I am a beginner and have picked up some great information that I printed from your site. I will start here and continue on one day at a time. Thanks for being here when I needed you.”