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Alien Abductions and Other Interesting Stories

July 7, 2011

I was abducted by aliens Last Friday a guy came in for food. While he waited for it, I tried to engage him in some kind of spiritual conversation. Next thing, his partner said: “He reckons he was abducted by aliens and they planted a microchip in him!” We then got on to truth and he said “No, I don’t tell lies”. Next thing, our supervisor came in, queried his voucher, and – what do you know?? – it turns out he had doctored his voucher and added two more people to what was a voucher for one. So much for not telling lies!

A young lad came in afterwards, spotted my Evangecube on the table and picked it up. I told hm it tells a story and asked did he want to see it in action? He did, so I took him through the gospel. Afterwards, I offered him a Luke’s gospel and he agreed to take it away and look at it.

Used The Evangecube Again

February 2, 2011

A guy who frequently pops in came in on Friday for something to eat and drink. He noticed my EVANGECUBE on the table and said “that looks like a Rubik cube”.   picture of an evangecube

I said: “No, it’s something similar, would you like to see it?” He agreed, so I took him through a Gospel message using the various scenes on the Evangecube (see Youtube for it being demonstrated).  He’s an ex-soldier who often has a few marks on his face from a bit of fighting. Last week he told me he was arrested by the police for nothing, simply standing up for his rights in a local betting shop. He fought back so they knocked him about a bit in the scuffle that followed.

He wasn’t particularly impressed by the gospel message I gave him, but at least he’s now heard the basics.