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Bare Knuckle Boxer and Football Hooligan

January 25, 2012

The guy came in for food and was very chatty. He was angry with the DSS because they kept losing his forms from the prison. He came across as a “very angry man” and I found him a bit intimidating

Over time he gave me his background. His mother was a Goth and deemed an unfit mother, so Dad took custody of him. At age 14 he was taken to his first football match. Dad was a football hooligan and taught him “the trade”. By 19 he had been stabbed twice  and ended up in prison. Dad blamed him, so he wanted nothing further to do with Dad, and hasn’t seen him since. He graduated to bare-knuckle fighting at 1.00am in a cattle market lit by car headlamps illuminating the circle, and made lots of money. His only brother was caught up in the London terrorist bombings and was blown to bits on the tube, so he had a supreme hatred of Asians he told me.  bare knuckle fighter

I hope he read the Christian newspaper we gave him in his food bag, since he needs a real father in his life!