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What Is The Pass Mark For Heaven?

October 21, 2012

Met a guy in town while we were doing Healing On The Streets. He was happy to chat and told me he had been a Christian all his life. He went to his local Church of England church, and mentioned the vicar was a friend of his. image of stairs leading up to heaven

I asked him if he knew what the pass mark for Heaven was. He admitted he wasn’t sure. I told him it was 100%. Neither he nor I could ever get 100% on our good deeds, so we needed to rely on Jesus. He was the only one who ever got 100%, so unless

we trusted in his qualifying score, we were headed for the “Other Place”. He seemed surprised, so I suggested he ask his vicar friend “what is the pass mark for heaven?” If the vicar didn’t know, or gave some other explanation, I suggested he needs to question things.

The previous day a family came in for food : Mum, Dad and Grandma . Their child was in hospital with kidney problems, so we offered to pray. After we prayed, Grandma mentioned she was a Spiritualist. Was her spiritual influence affecting the health of her family – who knows?

A couple of youngsters also came in for food. One was only 17, the other 23, but he had been fending for himself since he was 15 and left home. Both had marks like burn marks on their wrist and forearms. I asked the girl about them and she said “you just rub your skin and it eventually goes like that.” I said it sounded like self-harm. She said: “no, I’m just bored”. I later  found out she’d lost a baby, but as she was on her way out, there was no time to ask about it.

A woman from Lithuania came in and, although she spoke English quite well, I had a hard time understanding her accent. I got out my phone and used the “Google Translate” app to ask her some questions in her native language.  As she left I said “goodbye” in Lithuanian – “sudie” – and she smiled.