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Leg Healing Confirmed

December 2, 2013

image of a woman  In my post on 19th October   I recounted how I’d offered prayer to a team member who had a problem with a ligament on her leg. After praying she had signs of healing, but said she’d report back in due course. A few weeks later I saw her and she said: “have your ears been burning?”. I said “no, why?” She replied: “I’ve been telling people at my church – if they want healing to come to you!”. She went on to say that her ligament problem had indeed gone. I assured her that Jesus was the healer; I’m just the instrument. But it’s wonderful being the instrument!!

On the theme of healing, I recall reading of a Christian man called John G Lake who set up a healing ministry team in the USA in the early 1900’s – in Seattle I think. If you wanted to join his healing team you were assigned a patient suffering from a terminal illness. You had 30 days with the person to minister healing. If you got the person healed in the allotted 30 days, you were allowed to join the healing team. If they died……………..

Makes me think how few people are prepared to go for long term healing prayer. In my experience, if no results are seen from healing prayer after a few minutes most folk go off and consider it a failure. Yet  if these same people were prescribed a course of pills – one a day for 28 days – they would normally persevere and finish the course of pills!   a packet of prescription pills

Healing and Evangelism Were Both In Action Today

March 8, 2013

man holding painful elbow  A guy came in for food and was holding his elbow. I asked if he was suffering pain and he said he was. I offered to pray for the pain and he agreed. As I laid hands on him I shared a testimony of another man I’d met who received healing from pain. After  a minute I asked him how the pain was. He said it was now less painful. I volunteered to carry on, so laid hands on the elbow again and shared about Jesus, why he came and what he did for us.

After another minute I said: “how’s it feeling now?” He replied: “it feels really good – you’re a healer”!  I said “no, it’s not me, Jesus is the one who heals”.

After he left an older guy came in who had been in last Friday. We chatted about things and he shared how he was feeling empty inside. He’d had some church upbringing as a child but had drifted over the years. He aso went on to tell me he’d gone into a local church and chatted to a priest. I then shared some of my testimony and talked about Jesus and what he had done for us. Before he left, I gave him my website card, a copy of Luke’s Gospel and the booklet “Journey Into Life”.