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Jesus Appeared To 5 year Old Boy Dying Of Leukaemia

October 6, 2012

Just remembered this. While doing Healing On The Streets some time back I met a man who was visiting our town for the day.  He told me his amazing testimony, as follows.

As a 5 year old boy in hospital, severely ill with leukaemia, one day he saw a man at his bedside with “a white sheet round him”. This man told him he would recover from his illness and that his name was Jesus. His recovery started the next day, and  he was soon out of hospital. His mother couldn’t accept that Jesus had appeared to him and pooh-poohed it. Shortly afterwards he was out with his mother, saw a church and told his mother he wanted to go there. His mother reluctantly took him, he met the priest in the church and later started attending Sunday School.   leukaemia poster