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In The Food Bank

September 29, 2012

Very busy at Food Bank this Friday. Clearly, the recession is beginning to bite and people are struggling more.  Most clients are waiting for benefits to come through. Had fun chatting to a support worker with a client, while they waited for her food. Ended up giving both ladies a kiss on the hand as they left. They were very amused by it!  food bank helping others

Had a long chat with a guy on probation. He clearly regretted his fall from grace, although he didn’t explain what it was, and I didn’t press him. Gave him my card and suggested he look at my website in the local library, as he can’t afford internet access any more.  He clearly enjoyed our chat, so I invited him to pop in again, for a cup of tea, any Friday afternoon. He said he would like to do that.

A couple of the ladies prayed for a Polish guy who was in for food, and who suffers from alcohol addiction. He was clearly quite touched when they prayed, and took a few tissues to dry his eyes afterwards. They also invited him to church on Sunday morning.