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Satanist Was Serving The Coffee In Church Today!

February 3, 2013

dancing with the devil book   The book I promised the Satanist I met Friday last – “From Witchcraft to Christ”, plus another one “Dancing With The Devil”  – arrived by post this week.  He’d given me his address, but also said he was going to ………………Church on Sundays.

I decided to go along to ………………. Church today,  and who should offer me a coffee as I walked in the door? Yes, my Satanist friend was serving the coffee! I gave him the books, had a brief chat and sat down.  coffee in church

After the sevice we had another chat. He was due to start ……………….. church’s Alpha Course this week. He told me he was really ill that day and couldn’t make it. Sounds like the enemy didn’t want him to go, so put the pressure on. In general chat, he was aggrieved that the local Christian City Mission had stopped him trying to talk to one of their female teenage volunteers. He wouldn’t accept my explanation of their supervisory role in her welfare. Lots of street guys will try to home in on our young lady volunteers, sometimes trying to follow them home. But my Satanist friend has suffered from years of rejection, so to him it’s just another one in the face, sadly. He described the City Mission’s actions in Jesus’ words as “a kingdom divided cannot stand”. I hadn’t the heart to tell him that he was still in another kingdom, as I didn’t want to add to his feelings of rejection. No doubt the church he’s going to will make that clear. The minister is devoted to outreach, so won’t be slow in explaining his true position, I’m sure.

I commended the books to him, so hope he reads them.

Encounter With a Satanic Priest

January 25, 2013

A guy I recognised came in for food. As he chatted about his life he told me he had been in 22 children’s homes from the age of 2 until he was 18. From a young age he had become increasingly violent and recalled smashing every single window in one house at the age of 5. He gradually became more and more violent and disturbed as the years went on, relying on and trusting no-one. Fortumately, he said, he’d never gone to prison

image of satanic bible by anton lavey

He told me he had been a priest in a local Satanic temple but was in the process of turning his back on Satanism and exploring Christianity. He was in the middle ground, so his old life was not causing him too much harm at present. I told him that things would get much worse when he had fully turned to Jesus and was serving him. He realised that, but reckoned it held no terrors for him. He had been there and done it all, so knew the way things worked. He had become disillusioned with Satanism and said it was like being on a treadmill – from first thing in the morning you’re on the go all the time. Some people might find it exciting, but it had worn him down.  The way he described it, I could see there was no peace in it for him. I shared some of my testimony with him, and he could relate to some of the things I said. I also told him of my encounter with the reality of God’s love, and how Jesus had appeared to me on one occasion in my bedroom.

He had started attending a local church and they were giving him some practical jobs to do. He said one of these was restoring the original wooden cross that dated from when the church was built as a mission church  over 100 years ago.   wooden cross in church

I told him about Doreen Irvine who had been “Queen of the Witches” in England at one time, but became a Christian. She had written a book “From Witchcraft To Christ” I offered to get him a copy and he said he would like to read it. He gave me his details and I said I would send a copy on to him. He had some questions about the Bible and we chatted about these for while. He is due to start an Alpha course in a couple of weeks time.  alpha course logo

Cry For Help On The Streets

October 27, 2010

cry for help

On the streets today a guy I meet regularly shared new facts from his past. He showed me the tattooed pentagram on his arm and explained that when he was young he used to be involved in satanism and blood sacrifices. At the time, he thought it would impress the girls! It also got him unto heroin use.

He had some Roman Catholic background as a child and is worried that when he dies the church will not bury him when they see the tattoo. He is also experiencing things moving about in his flat and is getting scared.

I told him to meet me in the same place next week at the same time. I would bring along a prayer of renunciation for him to read out loud every day. I told him God knows the heart and that this would only work if he was serious about it. He assured me he was. He is suffering from a major chest infection and I prayed for his healing too.

Afterwards, he selected a “God’s Promise” a wrapped, single, sealed, Bible verse. It was the verse “I lift my eyes to the hills where help comes from the Lord.” and he was excited at how apt it was for him  As I read it, I then became emotional and got choked up. It ended up with HIM giving ME a hug!