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Conversation with a Spiritualist

January 10, 2011

spiritualism in action He described himself as a spiritualist/wiccan although he was brought up a Roman Catholic. He said he had gone to the local cathedral for the Midnight Christmas Eve service.

When I asked him about judgment, he said: “we judge ourselves”. I pointed out to him that was “man’s ideal solution”, but not the biblical one. He claimed the Bible was full of errors, but when I asked him to give me three he changed to another tack. He maintained God had given us all things for our good, and was keen for me to give my view on use of marijuana, but I said “nothing to say about it” to stop getting sidetracked.

He seemed troubled by the fact that when he was in the army in Northern Ireland he had shot a 17 year old wielding an AK-47. The lad had continued to point it despite four warnings. I suppose there is no forgiveness in Spiritualism. We gave him some food to take away.