How Does Anyone Get To Heaven?

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note with important messageHeaven is a perfect place, and only those who are perfect will make it. It’s a place of no suffering, no sin, and no evil. If God were to let in people who had less than perfect records, heaven would become as bad as earth. God would basically be saying that a little bit of evil doesn’t matter.

In this article, we’ll look closely at the “problem” God had, and the solution he came up with. We’ll also see just where good works fit in. And, we’ll see how grace makes it possible for everyone and anyone to get to heaven.

Love and Justice

God always does what’s right. He never cheats. He never falls for bribes. And He’s always concerned with justice. This means that when it comes to heaven and evil, he won’t compromise one bit. There will never be any evil in heaven.

On the other hand, God cares deeply about every person who has ever lived. He loves everyone regardless of what they have done, or not done. And He wants everyone to be in heaven. But to get to heaven, people have to be perfect: – without sin – faultless.

The Problem

So how do people with sin, get into heaven, a place without sin?

We’ve already seen that doing enough good works won’t get anyone into heaven. The only way for any of us to make it there, is if God takes away our sin. We can’t do that ourselves. But if God comes up with a plan to remove our sin, then we’re fully qualified to go to heaven. The only way that we can have our sin taken away is if it’s transferred to someone else.

If you have the debt of a house mortgage, you only become debt-free when your debt is transferred to someone else. If you pay off your home loan, you transfer your debt to the bank, and you become debt-free. If you sell your home to someone else, the proceeds of the sale enable you to pay back the money you owe to the bank. Again, you become debt-free. When your sin is transferred to someone else, you become sin-free.

The Plan

God offers us this plan: if we trust that he alone has the solution to this problem, then he will transfer our sin onto his son Jesus. Jesus is in effect a substitute in our place. Jesus qualifies for this job for three reasons:

Jesus is completely human, just like us. In any substitution, the substitute needs to be of the same kind.

Jesus is completely God. He has committed no sin of his own. Because he has no sin of his own to worry about, he can take the sin of others.

Jesus is an infinite Person. This is important, because it means he can have the sin of any number of people transferred onto him. If you had never sinned, you would still only be able to substitute for one other person. But Jesus can substitute for everyone.

All God asks is that we accept that no amount of good works can ever get us into heaven. If we come to that point, then we can accept his offer to transfer our sin to Jesus. Once our sin is transferred to Him, our standing before God is “sin-free”. It’s a legal transfer. God declares that legally, we are in right standing before him. There is no longer anything preventing us from getting to heaven.


This double-transfer is free to us, and without any conditions. Our sin is taken away. Jesus’ good standing before God is transferred to us. We give this transfer the name grace. Grace is when we get something good that we don’t deserve. Grace is not a wage, or the result of us doing any kind of works. If that were the case, grace would no longer be grace!

No, grace is the completely undeserved good favour from God. God offers grace to everyone and anyone. Grace is what makes Christianity different from any other spiritual path. All other spiritual paths require us to do something to earn our way to heaven. God requires us to simply accept his solution, and trust in him alone.

What About Good Works?  good works

Good works are still an important part of Christianity, but as we’ve seen, they will never get us a ticket to heaven. Good works should stem from a person’s thankfulness to God. If we were in jail, and someone paid the bail to release us, we would be grateful! We would realise that nothing we had done contributed to our release. But, no doubt we would want to show our appreciation to that person in any way we could.

Good works are simply our way of showing our appreciation to God. God is concerned about justice in the world, about the poor, the homeless, the hungry, orphans, and those who cannot defend themselves. When we take on His concerns, we show that we want to join with God in addressing his concerns.

The following true story shows how God cares about both justice and love:

One day during the Great Depression, police hauled a frightened old man before the magistrate in a New York City night court. They charged him with petty larceny; he was starving and had stolen a loaf of bread. By coincidence, the mayor himself, Fiorello LaGuardia, was presiding over the court that night. LaGuardia sometimes sat in for judges as a way of keeping close to the citizens of the city.

LaGuardia fined the old man $10. “The law is the law, and cannot be broken” the mayor pointed out. At the same time, he took a $10 bill out of his own pocket, and told the man he would pay the fine for him. Then LaGuardia turned to the others in the courtroom and “cited” each of them for living in a city that did not reach out and help its poor and elderly, tempting them unduly to steal. The mayor fined everyone in the audience 50c each, passed around his famous fedora to collect the fines, and turned over its contents to the amazed defendant. The hat contained almost $50. The old man left the courtroom with tears in his eyes.

Author: Rupert Lineage

Wise Giving To Charities

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Today there are thousands of charities involved in helping others. How are we to decide which one(s) we should support?

Clearly each potential donor will ultimately decide on the basis of categories and activities in which they are interested. Beyond that basic consideration, what other factors should we consider?

If you live in the UK, you can go on the website of the Charity Commission and look at the accounts of any charity you are considering. There you will able to learn how much of your donation goes to those in need and how much goes to paid employees of the charity. You will be amazed at the amount some charity employees receive!

If you are a Christian, hopefully you will take note of the words of Jesus and the Bible and act accordingly in deciding whom to support. Throughout the Bible God reveals his love for the helpless, the poor, the needy, the dispossessed. The early Christians used their money not to build churches but to help widows and orphans, the needy and the suffering.

One example of a worthwhile and biblically influenced small charity I came across recently is the Starfish Christian Trust This charity has no paid employees – all give their time freely – and all donations go directly to the needy.

Their website states:

“We are changing lives by providing medical assistance

We are changing lives by relieving hardship

We are changing lives by aiding Community

We are changing lives by rescuing slave families from bondage

We are changing lives by building schools in Pakistan and Ethiopia

We are changing lives by supporting widows and orphans in India

We are changing lives by preaching and teaching around the world

We are changing lives by acts of love

We are changing lives by making a difference…

…one life at a time”

When we die and enter eternity, Jesus will not ask us how faithfully we attended church, read the bible or prayed. The parable of the Sheep and The Goats makes it clear that what we do for our fellow man here on Earth is of ultimate importance in determining our destiny!

Letter To a Friend Who Attends Church And Believes He Is Going To Heaven

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male icon image Hi,

I just wanted to clarify about our chat on Wednesday.

I wasn’t attempting to judge you by what I was saying.  As we are both well past the proverbial three score and ten (70 years of age), I was only expressing concern as to whether you were going to exit in the right direction (Heaven) when your time does come. Let’s face it, for either of us that could be any day!

Think of it in terms of a little friendly loving concern, which is what it was intended to be. If I put it across badly, please accept my apologies. I’m a work in progress!

man looking at a rock formation

Photo by Tobias Bju00f8rkli on

Imagine I was out walking on a foggy night, and you saw me near where you knew there was a 500 foot drop over a cliff edge.  I am sure you would want to make every effort possible to warn me of the potential danger I was in, wouldn’t you?  Similarly, if there is ANY possibility that you could be heading in a dangerous direction spiritually, you likewise would surely want me to make every effort I can to let you know dangers to avoid, based on my own experience and what I’ve learned through that.  If you had terminal cancer and I had discovered a cure for cancer, would you thank me if I kept silent and you were denied the benefit?  Eternity is even more important, since our personal outcome lasts for ever.

picture of a churchFrom my own personal experience I know that a person can attend church every week, hold an office as Church Elder and be a Sunday School teacher and yet not be a Christian pursuing a personal relationship with God, as was my situation some years back. Had I died at that time I would most certainly have gone down and not up.  My Christian life was merely an outward sham, with no interest in the spiritual life of a Christian, nor did I pray or open a Bible at home from one week to the next – perhaps a clue to my non-Christian state that I somehow missed!  I had no experiential knowledge of God (as opposed to head knowledge) nor was I interested in submitting to a personal relationship with God either. I was boss of my life and that suited me fine.

The Chief Priests and Pharisees in Jesus time were experts in the scriptures. They tithed faithfully their 10 per cent, fasted twice a week and observed scrupulously every commandment as they saw it. Nevertheless they were blind to recognising Jesus as God in their midst. If church commitment, intellect and obedience to God’s commands were the standard, then they were heading for heaven, effectively home and dry. Except, as we know, they weren’t. They were proud and refused to repent, both at the teaching of John the Baptist and then Jesus.  In fact Jesus pointed out to them that Satan was effectively their Lord, not His Father in heaven.  They weren’t best pleased! So scrupulous, regular and sincere religious observance clearly doesn’t get you over the line into heaven.

On the other hand, the disciples Jesus chose were quite the opposite of the Priests and Pharisees who referred to them as “ignorant and unlearned men!”  I guess Jesus chose them because he saw  they were open and honest men, with teachable hearts. As Jesus said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”  Little children have simple trust in Daddy, that Daddy knows best and that what Daddy promises he will fulfil.

In the gospels, we read that that Jesus “breathed on the disciples” and said “receive the Holy Spirit.  Subsequently, on the Day of Pentecost, the disciples were again filled with the Holy Spirit. Paul’s letters in the New Testament exhort us to “go on being filled with the Spirit” (the tense in the original Greek is present continuous, so not just a once only event)).  Without the Holy Spirit within, we are “running on empty” since the unregenerate human heart and spirit cannot please God.

bus going to hell  You recall I said “think of how we are all born, live and die using this example of two buses”.  We are all born on Bus Number 1. That bus is going to Hell and Satan is the driver. If we spend our life on Bus 1 and never change, we die in our sins and end up in Hell. We therefore need to change buses. The way to do this is to repent of our sins to Jesus Christ. That allows us to change to Bus Number 2, headed to Heaven and driven by Jesus. Both the Pharisees and myself were on Bus No 1 (being driven to hell), and were totally unaware that Bus No 2 even existed. Likewise I didn’t know I had to disembark and climb aboard Bus Number 2, driven by Jesus. As you know, it’s rather difficult to get off one bus and on to another without knowing it. It’s a conscious choice.

The key to changing buses is recognising the need within ourselves for personal repentance. Repentance is a fundamental change of thinking and direction as regards our propensity for sin. Without the indwelling Holy Spirit – who comes in when we truly repent – we cannot change our sin nature. Asking for forgiveness does not change us on the inside the way true repentance does.  Jesus didn’t preach “Ask for forgiveness”. His cry from the outset was “Repent of your sins!”, Repentance equates to “open heart surgery” compared to the “bandage/sticking plaster” of forgiveness. foot with bandage on it

Forgiveness doesn’t change the human heart towards God, it merely applies a temporary covering that constantly needs replacing. Forgiveness has its place, but not as a substitute for the heart surgery we all need, to change our love of our own way to love of God’s way as our number one priority in life.  This begs the question: “do we want God as the number one priority in our life, before self and even family?” God reminds us in the Book of Revelation: “Those whom I love I rebuke and discipline, so be earnest and repent”.  God has spoken to me a few times over the years about me getting back on track with my life. That’s part of His love relationship with us.

In summary, I’ve learned that being a Christian is not about regular church attendance and church service, and what goes with it, since if it’s only that it doesn’t change your heart towards God. The Bible says we are by nature rebels towards God, and only repentance can change that. In my case I literally got down on my knees and repented for having been Lord of my own life instead of handing that over to Jesus. As God says through Jeremiah in the Bible: “Cursed is the man who trusts in his own strength… ..  God goes on to say a couple of verses later: “Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord.……..”  You could liken the curse and the blessing  to a hell or heaven consequence.

Repentance brings about a love relationship in your heart with the heart of God. That’s why the First Commandment commands us to: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and soul and mind and strength.”  That’s impossible for unregenerate human flesh to even attempt, since our flesh nature is at war with God. In my case there was no relationship, not even of the cerebral kind.  I had no idea I had to humble myself before God, despite the Bible saying “God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble”.  According to the First Commandment, if God is not the number one priority in our lives, then there is something wrong with our heart attitude towards Him.

Because I’m a slow learner, after realising that I was lost spiritually, it took me about a year of searching spiritual things. I then repented of going my own way and gave over my life to trust in Jesus for the future.  Effectively, I gave him control of the steering wheel of my life, and have never regretted it.

But God is a perfect gentleman and never compels us to do anything, which is why He gave us free will. So choosing him as Lord is all about our free will choice.  Someone once said: “Hell is populated by people singing the Frank Sinatra song: “I Did It MY Way”, which just about sums up our natural desire to live without Jesus interfering in how we live.

I hope the foregoing has helped to put my side of the conversation into the context it was meant to be in – a concerned and loving enquiry with your eternal future in mind. Who am I to judge anyway?

I remember someone pointing out that in John Bunyan’s book “Pilgrim’s Progress” there was a pathway leading off to hell right next to the entrance door to Heaven. So none of us are safe till we’re over the threshold! All the more reason to encourage one another on the journey.

I know there’s a lot to digest here, but feel free to come back to me on anything you like on this topic in due course.

God’s Wonderful Creation Reflected in the Glories of the Sky

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Last night I took this 15 second time exposure of Comet Neowise, looking NNW (20 degrees elevation) at around 11.15 last night:

Night photo of Comet Neowise

Neowise Comet in the night sky

sky map showing location of Comet Neowise in July 2020

Sky map showing position of Comet Neowise in July sky 2020

There Is Hope !

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Many today are suffering a lack of hope in their lives. It can be so easy to focus on our problems to the extent that we shut out everything else.

The is an Australian guy called Nick Vujicic who was born without arms or legs. Nick was of course bullied at school and at age 10 tried to kill himself, as he could see no hope in his life.

Believe it or not, today he is married with two children and an international motivational speaker speaking to thousands with a great message of hope. 

no arms no legs no worries

Check out this video of him speaking in a jail in the USA:

David Suchet Audio Bible Free

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note with important message

important message – free offer

holy bible

image of bible

A few months ago I bought the NIV bible read by David Suchet, on a set of 5 CDs for £20.

I just learned the other day that for a limited time you can download – FOR FREE – the app, with the whole Bible read by David Suchet, from the Google Play Store. You’ll have to be quick as the free offer only lasts for a few more days!

This is the link:

Please share this quickly with your Christian friends.

Happy Christmas!

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I have decided to keep this blog in existence for a while.

I wish you all a very happy Christmas and best wishes for 2020!



Jesus Is Healing Today Blog Has Moved To A Paid For Version

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Many thanks for already subscribing to my blog posts on Jesus Is Healing Today!      note with important message

I have decided to upgrade to a paid for version, to get rid of adverts I don’t feel happy with.

My paid for blog is

I’d be really grateful if you would visit the new blog version and re-subscribe. See the Subscribe button on the new site   All the old blog posts for the last few years are still there.

Many thanks, God bless you and have a Happy Christmas and New Year!

Dangers of Tarot Cards and Spiritualism

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alternative spirituality imageIf true, what could be more heart-warming and comforting than hearing from your dead relatives?

This is the attraction of Spiritualism.

If true, who wouldn’t want life guidance and help from the “other world”?

This is the danger of both Spiritualism and Tarot Cards – so be warned, for the reason stated below, amplified by real life stories this post links to.

The Bible warns: “Satan disguises himself as an angel of light” (Book of 2 Corinthians Chapter 11 and verse 14)  tarot card reader illuminated sign

Laura was introduced to Spiritualism by her mother and it became a nightmare

Tina became expert with Tarot Cards and dark spirits oppressed her:

The Bible warns us, for our own good, against going astray by means of spiritualism, channeling, false spirits and the like:  because we will be corrupted and defiled by them. The good news, however, is that God is always willing to forgive when we humbly turn to him and ask Him to.

If you are involved in these activities, we invite you to contact our website and ask for advice:




“Jesus Is Going To Heal You”

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healing on the streets logo  I met in town with our Healing On The Streets team and at first we struggled to get anyone to show interest.

Latterly after we’d prayed for a friend of mine who received major healing in his legs, one of the team pointed out a middle-eastern looking guy who seemed to be loitering nearby, but then took off.

I went after him as had stopped not far away. It turned out he was an Iranian Christian who had been living in our town for 5 years.

We chatted and I asked if he had any pain in his body. He confirmed he had suffered from a painful foot for some time, and it was still causing him pain as we spoke.

I just knew Jesus was going to heal him so I assured him: “Jesus is going to heal you!”

painful foot  After laying hands on him a couple of times and commanding the problem to go, he confirmed the pain had gone. I have him my card and invited him to e-mail me anytime.

Tonight I received this e-mail from him:

Hello dear xxx. You are very big human. You are kindest man I saw in the England. If I see you again I will kiss your foot in front every people in the city centre. And my foot not pain any more.

God bless you sir. I love Jesus”