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Satanist Was Serving The Coffee In Church Today!

February 3, 2013

dancing with the devil book   The book I promised the Satanist I met Friday last – “From Witchcraft to Christ”, plus another one “Dancing With The Devil”  – arrived by post this week.  He’d given me his address, but also said he was going to ………………Church on Sundays.

I decided to go along to ………………. Church today,  and who should offer me a coffee as I walked in the door? Yes, my Satanist friend was serving the coffee! I gave him the books, had a brief chat and sat down.  coffee in church

After the sevice we had another chat. He was due to start ……………….. church’s Alpha Course this week. He told me he was really ill that day and couldn’t make it. Sounds like the enemy didn’t want him to go, so put the pressure on. In general chat, he was aggrieved that the local Christian City Mission had stopped him trying to talk to one of their female teenage volunteers. He wouldn’t accept my explanation of their supervisory role in her welfare. Lots of street guys will try to home in on our young lady volunteers, sometimes trying to follow them home. But my Satanist friend has suffered from years of rejection, so to him it’s just another one in the face, sadly. He described the City Mission’s actions in Jesus’ words as “a kingdom divided cannot stand”. I hadn’t the heart to tell him that he was still in another kingdom, as I didn’t want to add to his feelings of rejection. No doubt the church he’s going to will make that clear. The minister is devoted to outreach, so won’t be slow in explaining his true position, I’m sure.

I commended the books to him, so hope he reads them.