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Sharing Jesus On The Street

July 14, 2010

Met a young guy sitting on a bench today who looked familiar. He wasn’t homelesss or an addict, but he had seen me around and was happy to chat.   a park bench

Although not a religious person, he was happy to listen as I shared about God, Jesus and how we need to have our mobile phone already switched on. I told him that God takes the initiative, dialling our number, so if we don’t have our mobile on we’ll never hear God’s approach when He calls. Afterwards I thanked him for being very gracious and listening to what I had to say.

Encounter With a Tattooed Man

July 2, 2010

This heavily tattooed guy came in for food today and I chatted with him about his tattoos. He told me that tattoo removal by laser treatment was really expensive and that it never really worked properly anyway.

I told him a true story I heard from Rev David Pawson. A new Christian with a tattoo of the devil on him was baptised and when he came up out of the water the devil tattoo had disappeared. My guy was amazed at this and we continued to chat. He used to attend a local Pentecostal church, but gave up on Christianity after his Christian grandparents (who would do anything for anybody), ended their later years in physical suffering.

I gave him the Biblical perspective on suffering – how mankind brought it on themselves through disobedience to God in Eden and ever since thereafter. He listened intently and replied “I never thought about it that way before”. I gave him a tract and a Christian newspaper to take away.