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More Adventures with Jesus

April 20, 2012

Yesterday I met a drug addict I know who sells “The Big Issue” magazine. He has a massive ulcer on his ankle, from drug use. I offered to pray for healing but he wasn’t too keen. I wouldn’t go away, so in the end he said “OK”. He said he was in pain at a level 8 out of 10. I laid hands on him and commanded healing. He said “no difference”. I did it again and he repeated “no change”. I could feel the heat where I was touching his leg. As I left I told him “keep looking out for the healing”.

Today as I was walking to town a woman called out behind me, asking about the logo on my sweatshirt. I explained what it was and belonged to the organisation I volunteered with, giving free food to people in need. We chatted and she started slagging off a local councillor, saying all sort of unkind things about him. I asked if she went to church. She said she did and told me where she went. I said “are you a born-again Christian?”. She replied: “no, I’m not and I don’t want to be!”. I told her Jesus said:”unless you are born again you cannot see the Kingdom of God”.   the Kingdom of God image   She didn’t like that and made some excuse for not believing it. I then said: “would you say you are moving towards God, going away from him or just in the same place all the time?” At this she said:”I have to be going now – ‘bye” and off she went.

Later on at the Food Bank a woman drinker I know came in with her child and partner. We recognised each other and when she went out for a smoke I followed her outside. She said her big sister had killed herself at Christmas and she was looking at things a little differently now. She talked to her sister all the time, and felt she was looking down on her. She felt she wanted to “behave better”, as she wanted her dead sister to see her doing right things.  I knew she was fairly anti-religion, but persevered and talked about Jesus and how wonderful his love was. Like many street people, she’d had a terrible upbringing as a child and was abused in many ways. When she got her food and was leaving I gave her a hug.