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Healing On The Streets

November 24, 2012

We arrived in town and put down the equipment outside a bar while the car was parked. The bar owner was standing in the doorway and I had a chat which led on to spiritual matters. Turns out his brother was a vicar, but half of what I told him about the spiritual realm his brother “had never told him”.

Once we got set up, the street became cold and rainy, but we persevered. After praying for one team member, I sat in a chair and had hands laid on me. The presence of the Lord came upon me and I knew the reality of the verse: “the joy of the Lord is my strength”. Jesus is so good!   badge with words the joy of the lord is my strength

Latterly, one lady arrived who some of us had prayed for last time. She thanked us most profusely for praying and went to explain how everything in her life had changed after we prayed. Her whole wellbeing, even her finances had been turned around (amazing!) and she wanted to say thank you! She agreed to be filmed on video, so we got her to repeat her thanks for the camera.

Soon afterwards a younger woman turned up and asked what we were doing. After I explained, she said she had had a powerful spiritual encounter many years ago. From her description, it sounded as if it might have been of spiritualist origin, but she was a bit hazy about it, as it happened a long while ago. I explained who we were, and what we did and why. She liked the sound of it, so agreed to sit for prayer. Two of us prayed for her, and she sat rock still for about 10 minutes without any movment. Finally, she came to and said how peaceful and calm she felt, and was very thankful for it, as she was stressed out about a house move. She too agreed to be filmed about her experience.    video film image