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David Suchet Audio Bible Free

April 2, 2020
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A few months ago I bought the NIV bible read by David Suchet, on a set of 5 CDs for £20.

I just learned the other day that for a limited time you can download – FOR FREE – the app, with the whole Bible read by David Suchet, from the Google Play Store. You’ll have to be quick as the free offer only lasts for a few more days!

This is the link:

Please share this quickly with your Christian friends.

Evangelism: the more you do it the more you want to do it!

June 19, 2013

oh no, not evangelism After a hectic weekend sharing Jesus with dozens of County Show visitors who came to our Christian Witness Tent (we offered free refreshments and a seat to rest), I was getting withdrawal symptoms a few days later.

I decided to get the bus into the next town (free, as I’m a Senior Citizen!). I went into the local park and noticed a woman writing on a park bench. Was it a suicide note – who knows? So I went and sat next to her and saw it was some kind of application form. She said hello and kept writing. After she left, I wandered back to the town centre, bought a snack and sat on a bench on the main street. On the bench were a holdall and a flask, but no-one with them. As I ate my snack the owner turned up. I chatted and discovered he was doing some painting nearby and was having a break while the paint dried.

I said to him “I’ve been looking after your belongings for you”. He replied: “God bless you!” I replied “He does!” He clearly wasn’t expecting that, so said “what did you say?” I explained I was a Christian and that God DID bless me all the time.

I asked if he was a man of faith. He replied, very honestly: “only when I’m desperate!” I gave him a Journey Into Life booklet and said: “the next time you’re desperate, have a read of this.” He thanked me and I left him to enjoy his break – tasty looking soup, to which he added  a load of pepper from a shaker he carried with him.   soup in a cup

Evangelism and Healing at The County Show

June 18, 2013


  The major encounters I had over two days:

M had back pain for some weeks and despite a hospital visit the other day, went home with no treatment. Laid hands on her back but no change. Prayed again and improvement noticed.

arm in sling     A had her arm in a sling and was in pain from a bruised or cracked rib. We talked about faith and whether she had a mustard seed to add to my mustard seed of faith. I then put my hand on her arm and spoke to the pain and affected parts. I was suddenly aware in the Spirit of the Lord’s power coming upon this lady and as I spoke about what I knew Jesus was doing, she was acknowledging it herself. She said the pain was going and her breathing had become a lot easier. I invited her to keep thanking Jesus as she went round the show. She left quite excited at what had happened!

Chatted to a couple who showed some interest so gave them “Journey into Life” and a Mark’s gospel.

At the bookstall I chatted to a man on the theme of whether God exists. I talked to him about the complexity of creation and he seemed to agree that there must be something behind it all. I said that something was God.

A woman rushed in for a coffee and while here tried to do some business for her firm which was house surveys for solar panels. She said she worked 7 days a week. I declined her survey but offered our survey instead. When I explained it was about God she said she didn’t go to church but prayed every day. She said she didn’t have a bible and wasn’t interested in reading one either. I explained that was how God primarily revealed himself, so she was missing out, and possibly open to being deceived. She rather diffidently accepted the “Journey Into Life” I pressed into her hand as she hurried back to work.

I kept bumping into one particular guy several times during the day. During the rainstorm I again found myself next to him and he had time to chat. He’s a window cleaner and was pretty definitely born again. He doesn’t go to church at the moment and has mislaid his Bible. I said I would send him one. He seemed to have lapsed on his spiritual devotions too.  I reminded him of the importance of reading the Bible and praying daily. His relationship with Jesus was primary, church was secondary, but flowing from the strength of his primary relationship with Jesus.

Saw a man with a nice camera, so as I enjoy photography I made a beeline for him. We spoke about faith and he said his niece went to the Salvation Army. I raised the subject of eternity and how we need to ensure our eternal destiny digital camerabefore it’s too late.  Jesus was the key to this and I gave him a “Journey Into Life” as he left.

I chatted to 2 ladies who were amazed when I told them I came from Gxxxxxx in Scotland. They had spent some time living there in years gone by and we had a long chat about places we knew up there. We got on to faith and since we were getting along so well I gave them my testimony, also told of the time Jesus appeared to me in my bedroom. I gave both a “Journey Into Life” as they left.

E and her friend were up from Hxxxxxx to enter her bunny in the Rabbit Show.  Her friend was a Christian, but E said she didn’t believe, although really enjoyed talking about religion. She couldn’t understand why, if Jesus rose   from the dead, there was no physical body left behind. She had to get to the Rabbit Show for 10.00am so I invited her back to chat some more.  I pointed out M as the resident “professional  evangelist” if I wasn’t around. I gave her  the booklet “Good Question” as she left.

Mrs M, aged 83, readily talked about the Lord before I got a word out. She was a widow living a mile away, and had been suffering bouts of illness from Guillaume Barre syndrome. Today was a good day so she was glad to be out. I had brought with me a “Dear Child..Letter from God” with comforting words and accompanying  Scriptures. I felt it would be helpful for her, so gave it to her. When she realised what it was, she happily took it away.

A godly Scottish couple living locally were a joy to chat to. He had overcome some demonic activity early in his Christian walk, but had matured into a solid believer.  Some years back when working abroad he regularly made Friday ferry trips back home from Europe to the UK.  He normally caught the 3pm ferry from Zeebrugge.  One week he finished work early, so caught the noon ferry instead. This was the day that the 3pm “Herald of Free Enterprise” capsized, drowning many folk!

J has just spent £300 at the Show on some special footwear to help with a problem with his hips. His doctor had told him he had stiff hips, which caused him problems when getting up from a sitting position. I offered to pray for him and laid hands in his lower back area. After doing this 3 times he maintained nothing had changed. I said: “I know this may sound like a cop-out, but sometimes healing manifests itself over a period of time”.  I gave him my card and invited him to get in touch if anything changes.

A guy came in dressed like Robin Hood. He was part of a re-enactment group from South Wales. He was a born again Christian with interesting stories to tell. I had brought with me the testimony of an ex-Spiritualist I knew. He said he had a friend who called himself a “Christian Spiritualist” and so happily took it away to give to him.   robin hood image

Challenge To “Test The Spirits” Given To A Guy In A Wheelchair

June 7, 2013

man in a wheelchair

guy in wheelchair

A guy in a wheelchair came for food, but had problems getting over our door threshold. So we went out to him, as we already had a pre-prepared food parcel ready for a single person. While chatting to him outside about how God provides our food (I usually say “it falls from the sky”, which provokes a smile!), he told me that he’d seen  spirits appearing to him at intervals throught his life, from the age of 7. He also said he’d been told by others about things that would happen in his life. While attending a Spiritualist church someone had indicated to him that he’d make a good medium, so should put himself forward.

I suggested caution about all of this, whereupon he freely admitted that in chatting to mediums he’d learned that not all spirits acted kindly. I explained what the Bible says about good angels and fallen angels, but he wasn’t very convinced by this. I then told him that the Bible tells us how we can know if spirits are from God, and that he could do that in future. I quoted from 1 John Chapter 4 where the Apostle John says: “Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world. This is how you can recognize the Spirit of God: Every spirit that acknowledges that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God, but every spirit that does not acknowledge Jesus is not from God”.

I said: “would you like me to write that down?”. He confirmed he would, so I wrote out the question, what the response indicated and gave it to him. He then announced that he would attend the Spiritualist church this week and put the question there. He then planned to come back next Friday and tell us the outcome. “Sounds good to me” I said. He also agreed I could send him a testimony of a Christian I know who is an ex-Spiritualist.

We offered to pray for him and after some hesitation he agreed. I also prayed for healing in his body, as his legs were in a bad way from a recent accident. After prayer I asked: “did you feel anything when we prayed?” He replied: “not a thing”.

After he left, a Muslim guy we know came in for food. He recently described his fellow Muslims to us as “a bunch of hypocrites”. As he waited I thought it appropriate to offer him the booklet “Journey Into Life” by Norman Warren and he took it.

Several Ex-Prisoners In Today

April 28, 2013

The first guy who came in for food had beeen released from prison the day before. He had been in for “TWOCing” (Taking WithOut Consent). He proudly told me the different cars he’d taken, amd had even used the owners keys to do it.   man breaking into car

The next one was a Romanian guy in his 20’s who spoke pretty good English.  The third was an Indian woman who seemed pretty well off her head, making crazy comments about herself and talking weirdly to anyone who would listen, about her faith (Hindu),  her father who bullied and verbally abused her, and all kinds of strange topics.  In one of her throwaway lines she said she’d been in prison, but didn’t say why. At one point she said “all gods are the same”, to which I replied “no, they’re not!”, but she was so much in full flow I don’t think she even heard my retort. She mentioned she was bipolar, so perhaps she was missing out on her meds. She also said she’d been drinking too. We couldn’t give her food without a voucher. She waited while her friend, who had seen the “Footprints” poem on our wall, wrote out a copy of it. We told her where to go to get a voucher, but she never came back.

Another woman client was quite chatty and we talked a bit about God and faith. As she left I gave her a copy of Norman Warren’s booklet “Journey Into Life”.

Healing and Evangelism Were Both In Action Today

March 8, 2013

man holding painful elbow  A guy came in for food and was holding his elbow. I asked if he was suffering pain and he said he was. I offered to pray for the pain and he agreed. As I laid hands on him I shared a testimony of another man I’d met who received healing from pain. After  a minute I asked him how the pain was. He said it was now less painful. I volunteered to carry on, so laid hands on the elbow again and shared about Jesus, why he came and what he did for us.

After another minute I said: “how’s it feeling now?” He replied: “it feels really good – you’re a healer”!  I said “no, it’s not me, Jesus is the one who heals”.

After he left an older guy came in who had been in last Friday. We chatted about things and he shared how he was feeling empty inside. He’d had some church upbringing as a child but had drifted over the years. He aso went on to tell me he’d gone into a local church and chatted to a priest. I then shared some of my testimony and talked about Jesus and what he had done for us. Before he left, I gave him my website card, a copy of Luke’s Gospel and the booklet “Journey Into Life”.

First Steps As a New Christian

January 23, 2013

first steps of a baby  This post follows on from my two previous January 2013 posts (1) “How Do I Become a Christian and (2) “Practical Steps To Follow To Become a Christian”.

Sadly, many churches offer little dedicated teaching for new Christians in any depth. Fortunately, one British website has recognised this and provides many resources for them. The site is “New Christian UK”   and you can  see a list of basic pages here . This site will help you understand how to live as a Christian, gives you advice about the Bible, the Holy Spirit, etc and how to share your faith story with others.  logo of new christian uk website

As you grow as a Christian and mature, this same website will accompany you along the way. Their “What’s New? Page”   has links to over 200 other pages on the same site, including stories of others who have become Christians. One recent testimony added was LD’s story of her tormented life before she became a  Christian. The video “A Man Fell Into a Hole” shows the uniqueness of Jesus Christ amongst other religions that exist.

How Do You Become A Christian?

October 26, 2012

Chatted with a guy who came in for food. He described himself as a Christian, but didn’t go to church. I shared some of my story, and how I ended back in church after becoming “born again”. He had heard the term, but wasn’t sure what it meant. I gave him an explanation of why Jesus died and what it means for us. I told him that there is a large treasure chest on a shelf in Heaven with his name on it, gathering dust. Jesus had paid the price for his sins, but he had to receive it for himself. image of a treasure chest

I offered him a £1 coin and got him to take it, as an illustration of how we need to grab hold of what Jesus did for ourselves. He seemed to understand that was how the “born again” process worked. I gave him a copy of  the booklet “Journey Into Life” plus a copy of my card with my website and e-mail contact details and invited him to contact me any time.

Afterwards a guy from Estonia came in for food just before we closed. He thought there was “something up there”, but not sure what it was. I checked out the word for goodbye in Estonian on my Google Translate app and said it to him as he left.